Origins: Deadman Wonderland

Classification: Human, Deadman

Threat level: Tiger-

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, blood manipulation, poison resistance.

Physical strength: Human

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least large building+ (has devastated large structures and somewhat competed with Shiro whom is far above large building level)

Durability: At least wall+

Speed: Human with at least superhuman reactions, his Ganta gun at maximum can at least reach supersonic+ speeds

Intelligence: Average. Although not particularly intelligent he is somewhat skilled as a fighter by the end of the series and has good amount of experience dealing with dead or alive situations.

Stamina: Average. Although not particularly low in stamina his abilities usage drains him so it can vary considerably depending on how much blood he loses due to it.

Range: Tens of meters.

Weaknesses: Since his ability allows him to shoot his blood like a bullet, he will gradually get weaker the more he uses it and excessive use can lead to death.

Standard equipment: None.