Origins: Dragon Ball

  • Note that this profile is for Namek to Trunks saga Frieza, for Frieza of Fukatsu no F's profile check here

Classification: Alien

Threat level: Nova-

Physical strength: At least moon level striking

Destructive capacity: Small star+ (is at least large planet+ since base, has heavy scaling and calcs that put him at small star level)

Durability: At least large planet+ (planet level attacks where being thrown out in his fight with Goku as warm-ups, survived Namek's destruction while beaten up, cut in half and low on ki)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic travel, FTL combat wise (near SSJ Goku whom according to the official SSJ multiplier is over 50 times faster than beings with sub-relativistic feats, Piccolo couldn't even follow Frieza's casual death beams despite even having around 30 meter distance between him and Frieza)

Intelligence: High. Is a capable ruler and conqueror whom manages a galactic trade federation. Also a natural battle genius whom even without a single day of real training could keep up with a master martial artist like Goku. However he is also extremely arrogant.

Stamina: Very high as he is extremely resilient, however he cant sustain his 100% for too long since he didn't accustom his body to that amount of power. Can mantain his life force for a while even when cut down to small pieces.

Standard equipment: Floating chair

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