"You idiot. In this world, it's kill or BE killed. Why would ANYONE pass up an opportunity like this? DIE!"
Flowey first showing his true colors in the game

Origins: Undertale

Alias/Aka(also known as): Your Best Friend, Soul-less Flower with Determination, Sapient Flower | Your Best Nightmare

Classification: A soul-less flower with power of a destroyed soul and injected with Determination | God, Time Line Eating Monstrosity

Threat level: Ranging between Cub and Dragon on his own power, Celestial through SAVE | At least Celestial+



Age: 8 years old at the time of his death, much older by the time you meet him through abuse of time loops

Gender: Formerly male, currently genderless but addresses himself as a "he"

Powers and abilities: Small Soul Manipulation, Unrestricted Time Manipulation through SAVE and reset, summoning of friendship pellets (AKA Bullets) 

Physical strength: None. Being a flower, he lacks arms | Easily City+ level (able to restrain beings far above an aerial strike while not at full power), Universe+ at full power (able to punch through your save file, addressed in the game as a timeline)

Destructive capacity: Possibly city+ level by scaling (The most damaging opponent in the game without holding back, including Tsunderplane who can summon aerial strikes, easily able to kill a powerless human) able to become stronger through SAVE and RESET stronger (able to kill Asgore) | Lower Multiverse+ (destroys casually your save system, which is addressed as a timeline, and creates several ones during your fight)

Durability: At least city+ level (is knocked away but otherwise unharmed by Toriel's attack, who is on par with Asgore, while distracted) | Lower Multiverse+

Speed: Unknown travel speed (goes underground and seems to be able to cross several areas of the game casually), at least casual bullet power in attack speed (as he creates bullets), possibly relativistic+ in reaction through scaling (your character is able to dodge sunrays from Knight-Knights by scaling with your character, he should be able to do the same )  | Immeasurable (able to control all of Space-time in the timelines he fights in)

Intelligence: Incredibly smart. Has played out several timelines of the universe and therefore knows how people act, is aware of facts which you do despite not having saved them, is able to know you messed with the website's coding and is even able to see viewers of Youtube as shown in the Genocide run.

Stamina: Unknown(has shown no limits) | Limitless

Standard equipment: N/A | The Six Souls he has absorbed

Weaknesses: People with higher determination can hijack his power of SAVE and therefore he risks permanent death | Can't fully control the Six Souls he has absorbed, therefore causing them to turn against him.


I'll SAVE over your own death. So you can watch me tear you to bloody pieces... Over, and over, and over.....

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