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Hello, Tora Said reporting with the long promised Top 200 strongest anime/manga/mahnwa protagonists. This video took me quite a while to do, so I hope you guys enjoy it. I had actually finished this vid and loaded it, but had to reload it due to copyright issues, amongst other problems I encountered along the way which ill be explaining in a future vid. So yeah, sorry about that, ill clear up stuff like that soon as to explain why the huge delay. Furthermore, althought I cant say this is 100% accurate, I can say it is purely fact based, this video is factfually based on the feats and stats known/shown about these characters, so please dont come in here acting like a rude know-it-all since I did my research and have been an anime/manga fan since over 7 years ago. However do feel free to ask anything, and I will respond in kind. Now as always there are some special conditions for some of the characters used in the top, this is for issues of fairness. This "special conditions" are as follows: -No mechas (unless they arent actually mechas or unless they count as summons) -Some characters might be co-protagonists instead of protagonists, if such is the case then it is due to the fact the series protagonists is an incapable fighter -Everyone is assumed to start at there peak power, only exceptions are people like Adam Blade whos strongest forms are not there own power (Gash/Zatch does not have golden book since those are the others spells, but Shin Berunwa Bao Zakeruga is his own so it is taken into account) -Alucard is pre-Schrodinger, thus anyone capable of taking out his 3.4 million souls is considered capable of beating him -Tarouza has been granted Kurokagi as Tarouza's power is to control animals. Tarouza in synch with all the animals of the world isnt taken into account since thats not something he could do normally. -Panty's weapons are assumed of being capable of harming beings besides angels and demons -I feel it important to mention that I am not considering any of Medaka's abilities as passive as she has never shown any of the abilities she has constantly active besides The End. Why she doesnt have All-Fiction, Encounter and etc. permanently active is debatable and possibly due to her own personal election, but since there is no official confirmation I simply go by what is shown and assume she doesnt have them active until she decides to activate them. Which honestly cost her quite a few spots in the ranking. -This is a aproximately a measurement/comparison of stats, so morals are not taken into account, just there overall capacity to win -Basic vs concepts apply, such as Equalization and No Limits Fallacy (example: Beings with supernatural senses can see Stands and Bleach characters, some hax might not work on some characters due to difference between there levels) -Novel, video game chars and anime-style series related to anime/manga have been indeed placed in the top for the sake of elavating its value as a Top STRONGEST ranking

Well, my goal of a Top 200 strongest animanga prots has finally been achieved, next goals: making my first top antagonists, top strongest verses, finishing 1000 animanga series and making a Top 500 strongest animanga prots, A thanks for all the peeps that have helped or supported me along the way with this, such as always Lewis Vickers, and a shout out to my favorite Vs groups on FB: OCW and DBH :)

Music: Pokémon OST - Cynthia's Piano theme Kill La Kill OST - Kiryuu Ga Kill (Satsuki Kiryuuin's theme) Hunter x Hunter OST - Riot (Uvo's Requiem) Sengoku Basara OST - This Is A Fight To Change The World TTGL OST - LiberaMe From Hell Hunter x Hunter OST - Rasetsu

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