Eustass Post TS

Origins: One Piece

Alias/Aka: Eustass "Captain" Kid

Classification: Human pirate, Supernova (Worst generation pirate star), Devil fruit user (Paramecia type, magnet man)

Threat level: Tiger+ || Unknown

Age: 21 (Pre-Timeskip), 23 (Post-Timeskip)

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Strong Willpower (Resisted Rayleigh's Haoshoku Haki burst), Magnetism Manipulation (Can attract and repel metal at will)

Physical strength: At least Multi block+, likely Town || Unknown

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least Multi block+, likely town (One of the strongest Supernovas. Should be more or less equal or comparable to Luffy) || Unknown

Durability: At least Multi block+, likely Town || Unknown

Speed: Massively Hypersonic || At least Massively Hypersonic, likely Massively hypersonic+ (Via scaling, all Supernova have shown to have ascended into New World high tiers, even Capone Bege whom wasnt shown previously to be a direct fighter proved himself to be threatening to Sanji)

Intelligence: High. A notorious pirate in New World and one of the most prominent members of the "worst generation". Has shown to be a ruthless, cunning and even strategic man, formulating and leading an alliance and plan with other fellow Supernova to take down one of the Yonkou (although this plan has not been yet executed, so its details and chance of success are unknown).

Stamina: Likely very high.

Range: Several Dozens of meters

Weaknesses: Standard Devil fruit weaknesses. Considering the nature of his Fruit, it seems to be highly dependent on the surroundings to contain metallic objects.

Standard equipment: A flintlock pistol and a dagger