Origins: Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Part 6: Stone Ocean) 

Alias: Enrico Pucci

Classification: Human/Stand User

Threat level: Dragon- with White Snake, Maoh- with C-Moon, Celestial- with Stairway to Heaven

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilities: Gravity control, Soul stealing, Dissolving mist, Universal resetting

Physical strength: White Snake should be around city block+ with striking while C-Moon has no Destructive capacity since if it hits you will be turned inside out and gravity will also be inversed, Stairway To Heaven attacks with slashes. 

Destructive capacity: City block (Ignores conventional durability), universe+ with fully accelerated Stairway to Heaven

Durability: Peak Human+ (Took several hits from Stone Free and continued to fight.)

Speed: Faster than light, with Stairway to Heaven his speed slowly accelerates and reaches infinite at its peak 

Intelligence: Very High. Pucci is a mastermind and an excellent manipulator. 

Stamina: Very High (Took hits from Stone Free and continued fighting normally.)

Standard Equitment: His bible and Dio's finger

Noteworthy techniques and abilities


Stairway To Heaven.

Pucci has three stands throughout the series.

1.Whitesnake(Soul/stand stealing)

2.C-Moon (Gravity control)

3.Stairway to Heaven(Universal reset)

Enrico Cmoon


Enrico Whitesnake

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