Elemental manipulation


The most frequently occurring theory of classical elements, held by the Hindu, Japanese, and Greek systems of thought, is that there are five elements, namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and a fifth element known variously as space. Nowadays, the Lightning is considered as the 5th element as its used in most of the fiction

Ability to control all 5 elements, namely Lightning, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. The user can create, manipulate or shape any element, though the limit depends on the character using. Ability to control all "elements" is a broken ability

Note: Only mention this in Powers and Abilities section if a character can manipulate atleast 3 or more elements. And if its 3 or 4, specify them in Brackets

  • Example: Elemental Manipulation (Lightning Manipulation, Fire Manipulation and Water Manipulation)


Earth Manipulation

Water Manipulation

Air Manipulation

Fire Manipulation

Electricity Manipulation

Spatial Manipulation

Other abilities when you have control over all elements

Weather Manipulation

Magnetism Manipulation

Magma Manipulation


Aang and other Avatars (Avatar)

Madara Uchiha and other rinnegan users from Naruto

Dark Schneider (Bastard!!)