Metal Bat Elder Centipede
Origins: OnePunch-Man

Classification: Giant mutated arthropod

Threat level: Dragon-

Powers and abilities: Super strength, speed and durability.

Physical strength: At least mountain level striking (Overwhelmed Metal Bat, although its worth noting Metal Bat wasnt in peak condition)

Destructive capacity: City+ (Doubling as a strength and range feat as well, taking advantage of his enormous size he can lay waste to large cities in seconds)

Durability: At least mountain+ (Could take blows from Metal Bat and even Metal Knight and come out unscathed. Even its face which is apparently its "weak" point can take blows from non-peak condition Metal Bat.)

Speed: At least hypersonic+

Stamina: High.

Intelligence: Uknown, at least average.

Standard equipment: None

Giant Centipede Tidal Wave

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