Origins: One Piece

Classification: Human pirate, Devil fruit user (Paramecia type, quake man), Yonko (pirate emperor)

Threat level: Maoh-

Physical strength: At least island+ level, at least large country/small continent+ with Gura Gura no mi amping

Destructive capacity: At least large country/small continent+ (Scales far above the output of characters with island+ feats, this even while elderly and extremely sick. Split Marineford in half while limiting the damage to separate his allies from his enemies to allow them a escape route. His quakes during Marineford where so strong that they could be felt in different countries and tsunamis that could cover the entire island ocurred.), likely higher (is the series God tier in destructive capacity as he held what was allegedly the most destructive devil fruit known in the world and was hyped as being able to destroy the world, this later claim however is likely refering to life wiping and not actual planet busting)

Durability: At least large country/small continent+ (He never demonstrated to protect himself with haki during the Marineford war, likely due to a mix of his bad health condition and PIS since haki was still treated as a shady subject back then. Akainu survived a serious blow from Whitebeard and Whitebeard should be much higher.)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+, likely higher (intercepted Kizaru during mid transformation into light, as one of the series top tiers he scales to the other top tiers whom have been hyped capable of anticipating lightspeed and have kept up with Kizaru whom is a light man)

Intelligence: Likely genius. One of the oldest and thus most experienced and wisest pirates in the world of One Piece. A pier to the late pirate king Gol D. Roger and man closest to One Piece. Considered one of the biggest threats to the world goverment and this not solely due to his brute power. A great tactician and leader.

Stamina: Extremely high. Despite his old age and grave sickness he was able to keep on fighting with wounds that would kill a man many times over. He kept on fighting with multiple large holes in his thorso, nearly half his head gone and only went down after a ruthless onslaught from BlackBeard's entire crew while in this already half dead condition. In total besides the wounds previously mentioned, he received 267 slashes and stabs, 562 bullets and 46 cannon balls. And despite all this, he died with his body still standing tall.

Standard equipment: Bisento, also usually is attached to his medical equipment