Drago 18

Episode 95

Origins: Jackie Chan Adventures

Classification: Fire demon

Threat level: Tiger || God-

Physical strength: Small building || At least mountain+ (on par with Shendu)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Large building+, likely much higher with spells || Moon (Comparable to Shendu, was going to cause hell on earth. Earlier in the season, Drago was going to wipe out a city with the Thunder Demon chi alone as well as wipe out a small island with a tidal wave with just the Water Demon Chi, he became massively stronger after absorbing all 8 Demon chi). Can also damage non-corporeal beings.

Durability: Large building+, likely higher || Moon (could take hits from Shendu). Immortality makes him difficult to kill, invulnerable to all current technology in his verse.

Speed: At least hypersonic+ reactions and attack speed (Can fight Jackie in H2H) || Massively hypersonic (On par with Shendu)

Intelligence: High, skillful sorcerer and martial artist. Used a spell even Uncle didn't know.

Stamina: Limitless.

Range: Melee, hundreds of meters with fire manipulation || At least thousand of kilometers.

Weaknesses: Overconfident, certain chi spells can weaken and defeat him.

Standard equipment: None notable.

Keys: Base || 8-in-1 / EoS Drago