Origins: One Piece

Classification: Human pirate, Shichibukai

Threat level: Dragon+

  • Mihawk so far hasnt had any difficult fights and thus is likely even higher than whats noted here seeing as he's so high ranking in OP verse that he is considered the rival of the Yonkou "Redhair" Shanks

Physical strength: At least island level striking (cut a mountain sized frozen tsunami with a shockwave from literally kilometers away)

Destructive capacity: At least island level (via scaling)

Durability: At least island level (via scaling)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+ (Observation haki grants him a sort of extra sense similar to spidey sense which lets him sense things slightly ahead of time. At least on the level of Doflamingo whom at close range reacted to Fujitora's meteors which are easily massively hypersonic+. Can apparently keep up with characters like Shanks in combat)

Intelligence: Very high. A prodigious fighter renowened as the world's strongest sword master. Capable of navigating through the Grand Line, including New World by himself while only using a small raft.

Stamina: Likely very high. Was able to fight through the entire Marineford war without showing to truly getting tired. Lacks much showings otherwise but should be higher than Zoro's and above most of the verse.

Standard equipment: Kogatana (a small dagger which he keeps hidden in a crucifix which he wears around his neck), Yoru (A Saiji O Wazamono class sword, meanings it is considered one of the strongest swords in OP world. A cross shaped kokuto/black sword with over 2 meters in length) 

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