Origins: Shadow of the Colossus

Classification: Mysterious entity

Threat level: Tiger

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, immortality, energy projection, telepathy, possession, resurrection, teleportation, his consciousness can survive without a physical body, may have many of the abilities that the colossi possessed.

Physical strength: At least building+, likely much higher (Should be physically stronger than any of the colossi considering they were fragments of him)

Dormin 2

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least building+, likely much higher (Should be far above the sixteen colossi as they were segments of his body)

Durability: At least building+, likely much higher

Speed: Superhuman with faster than the eye can see+ reactions and projectiles (The colossi were capable of energy blasts so its reasonable to assume that Dormin can do the same)

Intelligence: At least high.

Stamina: At least high.

Range: Several meters physically, likely hundreds of meters with projectiles, kilometers with other abilities such as teleportation and telepathy.

Weaknesses: The Ancient Sword.

Standard equipment: None notable.

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