Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 5: Vento Aureo)

Alias/Aka: Diavolo aka Doppio Vinegar(Alter ego) 

Classification: Human, Stand User

Threat level: Dragon-

Age: 33

Gender: Male 

Powers and Abilities: Time Erasure, Precognition, Selective intangibility. 

Physical strength: At least City block+, likely town (A punch from his stand can easily put a large hole through his opponent, it was noted he could wreck a stadium in a few hits and the author stated he has the physically strongest stand) 

Destructive capacity: City block+ (Time erasure itself is more of a hax than something destructive) 

Durability: Peak Human for Diavolo, King Crimson is at least building+ (has one the lowest durability among Stands, being E in rank in that category)

Speed: Peak human for Diavolo, King Crimson is FTL

Intelligence: Very high. Effectively lead a noteworthy criminal organization, was one of the most capable combatants of part 5. 

Stamina: Peak Human 

Standard Equipment: None