Origins: Dragon Ball Super

Classification: Alien, Omni-King's grand priest and gate keeper

Threat level: Celestial

Physical strength: At least Universe+ level striking (Considerably stronger than Whis)

  • Whis confirms that the Grand Priest is said to be one of the five most powerful people in all the universes.

Destructive capacity: Likely low multiverse (Its stated that his powers dwarfs Whis's comparatively)

Durability: Likely low multiverse

Speed: At least TransUniversal+ (Vastly faster than a being capable of traveling galactic lengths in minutes timeframe)

  • When Whis sparred him once, he "couldn't even get to his feet."

Intelligence: At least very high. Should be very knowledgeable and experienced due to being one of the top fighters of Dragon ball multiverse and one of Omni-King's direct attendants.

Stamina: Very high. Superior to Whis.

Standard equipment: None known