Origins: Senran Kagura

Classification: Human ninja

Threat level: Demon-

Physical strength: At least Multi block+ level striking (Physically strongest out of the 2 main academies), likely much higher (is considered a sort of legend)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least Multi block+, likely much higher (Far stronger than any of the other students from her academy, this including Asuka and Katsuragi for example. Could defeat all the main cast from her academy at once.)

Durability: At least Multi block+ (can tank blows from the other Senrans)

Speed: At least supersonic+ (Could keep up with fighting all the main cast at once.)

Intelligence: At least average. Her skill and power is legendary amongst academy ninja.

Stamina: Very high. A legend amongst the academy ninjas, her physical capacity is through the roof. Can compete with Rin.

Standard equipment: None

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