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Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Eyes Over Heaven) 

Alias: DIO 

Classification: Deity, Stand User 

Threat level: Celestial+ (Likely higher since he punched away Tusk Act 4's nail bullets and Gold Experience Requiem's negation with ease.) 

Age: Unknown 

Gender: Male 

Powers and Abilities: Mind Control, Reality Warping, Soul Stealing, Teleportation, Dimensional travel, Lightning manipulation, Instantaneous Regeneration, Ressurection of the dead, Time Travel 

Destructive Capacity: At least universe+, likely multiverse+ (Punched GER and TA4's nail rounds away with ease.) 

Durability: At least universe+, likely multiverse (Being Acasual makes him hard to kill he was killed due to the rings that Jotaro kept which was his only weakness.) 

Speed: FTLx (could be reacted to by Jotaro) but also Immeasurable (Since he reacted to GER which is a stand above the concept of speed.) 

Intelligence: Genius. Should be above even his regular self.

Stamina: Limitless 

Standard Equipment: None 

Noteworthy techniques and abilities 

The World Over Heaven possesses several new abilities which would be:

1. Reality Overwrite: DIO can rewrite reality with a punch. (He punched the protags of JOJO and caused them to be erased from existence.) 

2. Infinite Time Stop 

Dio himself also attained new abilities: 

1. Soul Stealing (Dio does not need to be near anyone to steal souls to empower himself as he took everyone's souls who died previously and even those in seperate universes.) 

2. Dimensional travel (How he defeated Valentine) 

3. Instantaneous Regeneration

4. Mind Control (With a punch Dio can take control of someone else's mind) 

5.Ressurection of the Dead (Brought back several dead characters who were under his control) 

6. Lightning bolts 

7. Time travel 

8.Taking of stand abilities(Stole D4C's ability of dimension hopping.)

DIO lost due to the rings he wore which were his weakness Jotaro kept two of them from Part 3 Dio's body. 

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