Claymore Clare 1

Origins: Claymore

Classification: Half-awakened Claymore(human-youkai hybrid)

  • Also possesses Teresa's spirit inside her, which is a fully awakened Claymore (Beyond Abyssal One class)

Threat level: Demon || Demon || Dragon as Teresa

Physical strength: Multi block+ striking (Cut Priscilla to pieces) || At least multi block+ || At least city+ striking

Destructive capacity: Multi block+ || At least multi block+ || Hill+

Durability: Multi block+ || At least multi block+ || At least town+

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ || Massively hypersonic+ || At least massively hypersonic+ and sub-relativistic+ when using Extreme Quicksword

Stamina: Very high. Can fight for hours or can go days without eating without inflicting heavy burden on her body, her stamina as a Claymore is far above that of humans.

Intelligence: Above average. Although not to genius levels, Clare has been shown to be perceptive, astute and have a good amount of battle experience. Teresa is considerably higher than Clare, being the greatest prodigy out of all Claymores, she is effectively a battle genius which eclipses other Claymores renowned also as battle genius' themselves. Teresa also has a huge amount of battle experience and is not only a genius in combat, but likely also a genius in direct intellectual capacity.

Standard equipment: Claymore sword made from a special material far harder than steel.

Key: Base || Half-awakened || Teresa