Origins: Baccano!

Alias/Aka(also known as): Vino, Rail Tracer, Felix Walken

Classification: Human assassin, former train conductor and gymnast

Threat level: Demon+

Physical strength: City level+ (far above characters such as Ladd, Graham and Christopher the latter whom he held back severely against just to fight longer with Chane however once she left, he took him down with a single attack that has left Christopher in shock, warped a steel door just by pushing on it, stopped a spear between his index finger and his thumb)

Destructive capacity: City level+ (stated by the author that he could defeat the entire cast of Baccano! in 30 pages or less with the exception of Ronnie, whom he would tie with. The author also stated he has no intention of writing a story with Claire as the main character as the story would "move too fast without any plot or action")

Durability: City level+

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Toys around with characters that are easily supersonic such as Ladd, Graham and Christopher, casually dodges machine gun and sniper fire, capable of defeating the entire verse at once and tying with Ronnie)

Intelligence: Genius. Extremely perceptive, capable of grasping even the warped mind of Ladd Russo and tricking him into jumping off the train, deduced Huey and Chane's connection without much information, noticed features that Renee and Chane share that most people would never be able to notice. A master of interrogation and torture, knowing numerous different styles and techniques. Capable of traumatizing the immortal Czeslaw who was confident he had experienced every level of pain. Is also a battle genius, the chaos on the Flying Pussyfoot was like a "walk in the park" to him and he was enough of a threat to be considered an entire third faction of his own. Defeated Maria, a skilled swordswoman with scissors and in one instance used his opponents eyes to see chakrams approaching him from behind.

Stamina: Very high.

Standard equipment: None notable.

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