Origins: One Piece

Classification: Human pirate, Sweet commander of Big Mam's crew (minister of

Threat level: Dragon+

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Precognition (Via Observation haki), Future sight (Mastered the art of Observation haki that it allowed him to see into the future for a few seconds), Reinforcement Haki mastery, Mochi Mochi no mi user (Sweet rice cake fruit)

Physical strength: Unknown, likely island level striking, possibly higher (Scales above Commander Cracker. Capone expressed concern about facing him as he is "a monster with 1 billion plus bounty")

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Unknown, at least island, likely higher

Durability: Unknown, likely island, possibly higher

Speed: At least Massively hypersonic+ (Scales above Luffy who could dodge Doflamingo's strings), possibly higher, higher with observation haki.

Intelligence: High (Quick thinker along with years of experience as a pirate of the Big Mom crew)

Stamina: At least high.

Range: Several hundreds of meters with Jelly beans. Several tens of meters normally.

Weaknesses: Standard devil fruit weaknesses along with extra water and fishmen karate weakness(Mochi liquefies when wet )

Standard equipment: Jellybeans and haki-infused mochi staff

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