Chane Laforet 7

Origins: Baccano!

Classification: Human assassin

Threat level: Wolf+

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, skilled knife fighter.

Physical strength: At least wall+ (Capable of going toe-to-toe with Ladd, Graham and Maria)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least wall+

Durability: At least wall+

Speed: At least supersonic+ (Able to keep up with Ladd and Graham, swatted away shotgun fire whilst running towards it)

Intelligence: High, skilled assassin.

Stamina: High.

Range: Extended melee range, several meters with thrown knives.

Weaknesses: None notable.

Standard equipment: Her knives.

  • Chane with Claire Stanfield
  • Chane in the center with a handful of the other Baccano! gals
  • Chane in the anime
  • Chane in the anime
  • Chane in the anime
  • Chane with Claire Stanfield