Cavendish Anime Infobox
Origins: One Piece

Alias/aka: Cavendish, "Cavendish of the White Horse", "The Pirate Prince", Hakuba (alter ego/split personality), "Kamaitachi of Rommel" (nickname gained to Hakuba's ruthless attacks being confused with the wind due to their impossible to track speed)

Classification: Human pirate

Threat level: Dragon-

Physical strength: At least town+ (Able to match the force of Don Chinjao's headbutt, one-shotted Dellinger)

Destructive capacity: At least town+ potency

Durability: At least town+

Speed: At least massively hypersonic (could compete with gear 2 Luffy and Don Chinjao, although they likely werent going all out), massively hypersonic+ as Hakuba (Considerably faster than Cavendish' normal self, blitzed 20 fighters of name in New World before a town sized colosseum full of spectators could notice and also blitzed Dellinger, a speed based fighter from the Donquixote family. This speed can be used by Cavendish as well by using Hakuba's power, but for a few minutes at most and he would fall asleep immediately after.)

Intelligence: Very high. A charismatic pirate whos made his name known worldwide and whom has shown the capacity to easily sway people in his favor. Recognized as a genius with the sword by Vice Admiral Bastille.

Stamina: At least high.

Standard equipment: Farul (his white horse), Durandal (a rapier sword)

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