Origins: OnePunch-Man

Alias/Aka: Asura Rhino, Asura Kabuto

Classification: Highly evolved humanoid hybrid

Threat level: Demon+

Powers and abilities: Super strength, speed and durability, flight, transformation.

Physical strength: At least city+ level, likely higher (Blew back the blast of early series Genos, Genos previously destroyed a building and a small chunk out of a couple of mountains)

Destructive capacity: At least hill+

Durability: At least city+ (Early series Genos was weak to him)

Speed: At least hypersonic+ (Way faster than early series Genos)

Stamina: Very high. Was the pinnacle of the research of the House of Evolution and thus has a super developed physical constitution and attributes.

Intelligence: Likely genius. Was implied to be incredibly smart by his creator whom was a genius himself to say the least. However Carnage Kabuto's personality somewhat deranged which lead to keeping him in confinement. Was the first being shown to be able to somewhat comprehend Saitama's power upon sight.

Standard equipment: None.

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