Origins: Dragon Ball
  • Note: This profile doesnt cover Ginyu in Tagoma's body. Ginyu in Tagoma's body should be just around Tagoma's level which is covered in THIS profile.

Classification: Alien, Ginyu force leader

Threat level: God+

Physical strength: At least planet level striking

Destructive capacity: At least large planet (far stronger than planet level beings)

Durability: At least planet+ (Recoome whom is weaker tanked with little damage some full powered attacks from a Vegeta stronger than his Saiyan saga self)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic, at least sub-relativistic+ in his other speeds

Intelligence: Likely high. Although apparently silly, he was a prodigious fighter, good leader and apparently Frieza's most trusted subordinate.

Stamina: High. Was able to perform his special technique even after piercing his own chest.

Standard equipment: Scouter, battle armor/vest

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