"We used to call him Worldbuster but now most of us just call him 'Buster'"
- Beeza talking about Buster

Origins: Wander Over Yonder

S1e8b Buster continues licking

Cutest Planet Burster Ever

Alias/Aka: World Buster

Classification: World Burster

Threat level: Nova-

Age: Unknown

Powers and abilities: Gigantic size applied to a puppy

Physical strength: Star+ level (was able to throw a planet like Saturn away from a solar system by accident)

Destructive capacity: Star+ level (His head is much bigger than a planet, his barking can crack a planet, accidentally destroyed a whole solar system worth of planets by chewing on them, mistaking them for balls)

Durability: Star+ level (He was however "conquered" by Lord Hater in the Rager, as he holds the leader of the alien population who uses his body as a planet. It's currently unknown how)

Speed: FTL+ by sheer scale

Intelligence: Only the one of an average puppy. Has shown to be very cuddly and adorable, but his size causes him to accidentally wreak havoc upon solar systems. He has no clue about the accidental destruction he causes.

Stamina: Incredibly high

Weaknesses: The ones shared by common dogs, like high frequency whistles

Notable powers/Skills: Buster has shown to have its own gravity and atmosphere around him which is presumably how he breathes.