Origins: Dragon Ball

Classification: Human

Threat level: Cub+

  • Possibly up to Nova- given enough prep time

Physical strength: Human+

Destructive capacity: Human level, much higher with equipment

Durability: Peak human

Speed: Human+

Intelligence: Super genius. An incredible prodigy in teory, research and development. As a 5 year old child she was already comparable or superior to her father whom was considered the world's most brilliant scientist. This was proved by her creating a laser gun that impressed even galactic patrolman Jako and by the fact that when she analyzed Jako's spaceship she ascertained that her teory for FTL travel was closer to being fact than her fathers. Overall 2nd smartest scientist known in Dragon Ball universe after Dr. Gero whom created the androids with technology which impressed even her. However she had the chance to analyze his technology so its very likely she has learned from it. Bulma from the future also managed to create a time machine. Despite all these great feats, Bulma is actually somewhat of a "bimbo". She is easily distracted by things which catch her attention or by her own ego, such as her wasting granted questions with Zunou over trivialities like asking if that was all she was gonna be granted despite being so pretty.

Stamina: At least average.

Standard equipment: Capsules (usually contain things like a floating car or motorcycle, house), has been shown carrying guns or energy pistols. Given prep she can make incredible tech to aide herself or others.


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