Origins: One Piece

Classification: Amazoness, Human pirate, Shichibukai (pirate warlord), Devil fruit user (Paramecia type, love woman)

Threat level: Dragon-

Physical strength: Mountain level striking (Scales to series high tiers)

Destructive capacity: Mountain

Durability: Mountain (Should at least be capable of taking hits comparable to her own)

Speed: Likely massively hypersonic+ (lacks speed feats, but being one of the strongest females in OP world and a Shichibukai it is very likely she can keep up in combat with people like Luffy, Law or Doflamingo)

Intelligence: High. Leader of the Amazons and a succesful pirate whom managed to gain enough notoriety to gain title of Shichibukai in less than a year. Knows how to exploit her charms and abilities with efficiency and managed to sneak Luffy into Impel Down, allegedly the most secure prison in the One Piece world.

Stamina: High. Fought in Marineford war without showings signs of exhaustion, is most likely higher than her sisters.

Standard equipment: Her serpent Salome is usually with her