• BMWFanboy

    Naruto Earth size

    December 15, 2018 by BMWFanboy

    From past discussion with Vinit he found the OBD country size flawed, so now I'll be usinghis calc for Naruto country size

    First scan (new px scaling in larger font)

    Country width at minimum point = 24 px

    24 px = 2296.6119 km (in vinit's calc)
    95.6921625 km/px

    Enemy hideout = 2392.3040625 km

    Next pic   enemy hideout =  27 px = 2392.3040625 km
    = 88.6038541667 km/px

    Earth diameter = 976 px = 88.6038541667 = 86477.3616667 km 

    Around 7 times as large as irl Earth

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  • Danny1112

    Yamamoto shikai power

    December 6, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction:Today am going to calc the power of Yamamoto's shikai.

    Basis:According to this scan.Aizen stated that Yamji's shikai would have destroyed an area many times the size of karakura town if Yamji didn't hold the explosion to himself.

    So am going to be calcing the energy required to destroy a size many times than karakura,but first we need to find the size of karakura town.

    • per this scan:Toshiro stated that his hyotten Hyakkaso has a radius of 12km,that's a 24km diameter.

    So am going to use that to scale the size of karakura town since toshiro also performed the same attack in karakura town and yet it didn't cover the whole of karakura town/city.That's to show how big it is.

    Karakura Town size:

    Hyotten Hyakkaso:24km-161px

    City:755px=112km …

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  • Adam of darkness

    Erza and knightwalker (Erza of Edolas) destroy the floating island while clashing with each other. That is pretty much it

    Window= 2 meters= 2px

    Pillar= 17px= 17 meters

    Pillar= 17 meters= 12px

    Island width= 443px= 627 meters

    a= 313.8 meters

    Island height= 223px= 316 meters

    b=c= 158 meters

    Volume= (4/3)*Pi*abc= 32795563740446 cc

    • Fragmentation Value= 8 j/cc

    E= 262364509923572 Joules or 62.7 Kilotons of TNT 

    Divided by 2, each one gets 31.35 Kilotons - Town level

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  • Adam of darkness

    Bleach: God Trumpet

    November 24, 2018 by Adam of darkness

    Lille destroys a part of Wandenreich city with his trumpet. This one will be lengthy.......

    So yhwach sends in some black substance oozing from his body down towards Soul Society, from SKP. Yeah....

    Sereitie diameter= 1018.59 km= 1923

    Black cylinder= 7px= 3.7 km

    This black thing originated from Yhwach, who was in Soul King Palace

    Black Cylinder= 3.7 km= 5px

    Section= 16px= 11.8 km

    Now to get size of Discs aka Royal cities....

    Section= 11.8 km= 16px

    Disc height= 5px= 3.7 km

    Disc Height= 3.7 km= 7px

    Disc Width= 216px= 114.4 km

    Pretty fucking big

    City= 114.4 km= 116px

    Hole Width= 61px= 60.165 km or 60165 meters

    Radius= 30082.6 meters

    Depth= height of Royal city= 3.707 km or 3707 meters

    Volume= Pi*r^2h= 10541479764304265537 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc

    E= …

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  • Danny1112

    Yhwach tier redone

    November 21, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction: After reading Adams blog,I totally agree with him that using soul king's palace as a scale to yhwach feat is totally flawed,so am going to redo the calc.


    First I'm going to calculate the wandenriech's mass,I'm going to assume that only half of it is made out of buildings and the other half is empty for streets and stuff. the smallest building>>> I could find that is actually touching the ground is

    Window:1.5m-5px Building: 314px-94.2m 94.2m high


    So according to this calc:

    Wandenrich's diameter is 1018000m so the radius would be 509000m

    3.14*509000(radius)*509000*94(height of buildings ×0.5(only half of seretei/wandenrich)=3.823517398*10^13kg

    So …

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  • Adam of darkness

    Alright firstly let's adress the feat. Feat is as the title says, Yhwach lifting the quincy nation Wandenreich which was in Soul Society, all the away towards Soul King Palace. There are 2 major problems with the current calculation

    1) Assumption: The assumption of SKP being as big as Sereitie is just that, assumption (Unless someone  points out something which suggested otherwise, because in my read I did not find any). And.... that is pretty much the basis of entire calculation. From that assumption, every other dimensions were scaled.

    Solution: Of course one can easily eliminate this problem by scaling the Royal cities which floated around the Palace, and there are panels through which one can find the sizes of those cities too. But then co…

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  • Danny1112

    Gremmy's meteor creation

    November 16, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction: Today's calc is going to be based on gremmy's meteor.

    Basis:Am going to find the size of the meteor and the mass then move on with the main calc,I will be kicking out the scaling to yoruichi's statement stuffs but basing on the actual scaling.

    So how do we start?

    We use Uryu's Ishida's height from the manga info pages to find the height of the Quincy City and the Meteor. Uryu post-time skip is 177 cm (5'9½")

    Calc image:

    Uryu's Height = 8px = 1.77 m

    Silbern Ceiling= 130px = 28.76 m


    Silbern Ceiling = 5px = 28.76 m

    Meteor Diameter = 495px = 2847.24 m - 1423.62 m

    Diameter=2847.24 m



    Meteor Density is 7g/cm^3


    Am going to use mass-conversion(E=MC^2) formula for this feat sinc…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Genryuusai goes nuts and releases his bankai for the very first time in the series. We will be calculating 2 feats, and we wont require any scaling or shit for it. Yay

    When Yamamoto released his bankai everything in soul society was drying up , and Toshiro noted how all moisture in Soul Society is slowly dissapearing.

    Later we see all the moisture was lifted, and a cloud was formed. We will be assuming it is a Nimbostratus cloud which are usually 2400 meters above the ground. Just after Yamamoto deactivated his bankai , the cloud started to rain , and in that way the moisture, which was lifted away by Yamamoto, returned back to Soul Society

    But, we are going to focus on the fact that the cloud started to rain after bankai was deactivated, ergo the …

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  • Danny1112

    Bleach:Yhwach's tier

    November 4, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction: This blog is based on a feat of yhwach,where he raises the whole of wandanriech(the quincy country which was basically the shadow reflection of seretei) from soul society to soul king's basically am going to calc the energy required to perform such feat.

    Basis:Credits goes to @Madsouler and @Adam of darkness for the size of seretei and mass of wandanriech.

    Calculation:Seireitei's radius = 509.2958178941 km

    Wharwelt's radius = SS's radius = 509.2958178941 km

    Wharwelt's radius = 615.764 px

    Wharwelt's height = 10 px

    Wharwelt's height = 8.271 km 


    Wharwelt's "branch" width = 30.016 px

    Wharwelt's "branch" width = 24.826 km

    Wharwelt's "branch" length = 330.261 px

    Wharwelt's "Branch" length = 273.157 km

    Circular thingy's diame…

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  • Danny1112

    Bleach:Mimihagi speed

    November 3, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction: Mimihagi crossed the distance between soul society and soul king's palace at a matter of seconds,So I will be calcing the speed required to perform such feat.

    First I will start with the timeframe mimighagi took to reach soul king dimension from soul society


    From the scans above,the feat looks like it happened in an instant, but for the sake of accuracy I will assume an estimated time of 6 seconds as a lowball.

    Calculation; Distance between soul Kings dimension and soul society 1578896024 According to the calc here

    So without further adu.



    Conclusion: Mimihagi moves at Mach 773309.52 (rela…

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  • Adam of darkness

    In Chapter 676, just after reciveing his second rinnegan from Obito and creating dozens of CT, madara flies towards moon at incredible speeds. We will try to put a number on it, so let's get started

    Madara was pretty close to moon to say the least. Lets get the distance

    Moon= 3474 km= 897px

    Panel height= 1111px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 58.961911431318 degrees 

    Putting that in this calculator, we get 3072.5 km as distance of moon from Madara.

    So as I said, he was pretty close to moon. In case you are doubting, IT requires him to fly close to moon , and activate the jutsu. 

    Now, we know he started his flight from where he made CTs. Let's scale that too

    We know madara was in-berween CTs, but we will assume he was floating above the h…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Naruto: Rain Drops

    October 31, 2018 by Adam of darkness

    Madara makes and drops dozens of Chibaku Tenseis after recieving both of his Rinnegan. I will not be calculating all CTs as it is impossible to do so (Some appear small due to perspective issue, some are not seen, and so on), so I will be finding dimensions of the smallest one, and multiply the result with Number of CTs. So lets get started

    I got shinju tree roots to be 29.01 km here

    Root= 29.01 km= 9px

    CT width= 32px= 103.15 km

    a= b= 51.575 km

    CT length= 69px= 148.3 km

    c= 74.15 km

    CT Height= 250px= 805.8 km

    Volume= (4/3)Pi*abc= 825984825361385.96 m^3

    • Density= 2500 kg/m^3

    Mass= 2064962063403464900 kg

    PE= mgh

    • m= 2064962063403464900 kg
    • g= 9.81 m/s^2
    • h= height of CT= 805.8 km or  805800 meters

    PE= 16323314485073922881080200 Joules or 3.9 Petatons of TNT

    The n…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Will be helpful in calculating other feats so lets get started

    Bijuudama crater= 107614.7 meters= 1652px

    Barrier= 780px= 50810.8 meters

    Barrier= 50810.8 meters= 415px

    Shinju Root= 237px= 29017.26 meters or 29.01 km

    Shinju Root= 29017.26 meters= 9px

    Crater Width= 317px= 1022052.4 meters

    Crater width= 1022052.4 meters= 85px

    Country Width= 191px= 2296611.9 meters or 2296.6119 km

    Let's find Shniju tree parameters too while we are at it

    Shinju root= 29.01 km= 29px

    Shinju Width (At bottom)= 96px= 96.05 km

    Shinju Width (At Top)= 12px= 12 meters

    Shinju Height= 569px= 569 km

    Shinju Root= 29.01 km

    Shinju Width (At bottom)=  96.05 km

    Shinju Width (At Top)= 12 meters

    Shinju Height= 569 km

    NV country width= 2296.6119 km 

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  • Adam of darkness

    So apparantly there is some additional info given for Zou, mainly about its size and height. And it is massive as fuck. 

    City= 10 km= 136px

    Zou height= 478px= 35 km

    Because the legs are too long, we will only account for the mass of Zou's most bulky area. Consider this a low-end if anything

    Height without legs= 185px= 13.6 km

    Comparing this with African bush elephant who has height of 3.3 meters and weight of 6000 kg, Zou is ~4122 times taller. That is our ratio.

    Mass= Ratio^3* Mass of African Elephant= 420250163280177 kg

    PE= mgh

    Zou (Without his legs) looks like an ellipsoid to me. I am not sure what the center of gravity for Ellipsoid is, but for now I will treat its center as its center of gravity

    h= 28.3 km

    PE= 116739933224719235437 Joules or 27.…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Very impressive feats from War arc, which have been neglected till now. Basically a group of iwagakure ninjas make a pit for Jūbi , another group fills it with water and Quicklime, and then a group of Sarutobi ninjas solifidy the solution quickly by using katon. Lets get going

    Jūbi width= 744.6 meters= 82px

    Pit width= 327px= 2969 meters

    It is a cuboid, so each side is that wide.

    Panel height= 556px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 11.791844557678 degrees

    Depth = 3605.2 meters

    Volume= lbh= 31786537779310251 cc

    • Pulverization value= 214.35 j/cc

    E= 6813444372995152340 Joules 

    Dividing by 11 since 11 ninjas performed this together

    E= 619404033908650212 Joules or 148 Megatons of TNT - City+ level

    We already got the width, just need to find the he…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Just gonna find the size of Jūbi, as it would help in scaling for future feats. 

    Jūbi was sliding his beam in circle to hit B and Naruto, lets find width of this beam

    Gyūki= 101.5 meters= 312px

    Beam= 443px= 144 meters

    Beam= 144 meters= 6px

    Jūbi width= 31px= 744.6 meters

    Jūbi width= 744.6 meters= 681px

    Jūbi height (Along with that wierd horn thing on his back)= 1336px= 1460.7 meters

    Jūbi is fucking huge

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  • Adam of darkness

    The blast radius is more or less as big as the crater made by B's rotation. So we will scale that first

    Gyūki= 101.5 meters= 21px

    Crater= 1007px= 4867 meters

    Yes I know the crater is bigger, but this is the only panel where we get a good shot of crater with Gyūki, so I cannot do anything about it. If anything this works as a low-end

    That would be width of our tailed beast bomb too

    This is the scan. I just zoomed the relevant part 

    Diameter= 4867 meters= 88px

    Depth= 16px= 885 meters

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*abc= 10976517825692547 cc

    • Vaporization value= 25700 j/cc (Because of the vapor visible and tailed beast bombs having same consistent showings throughout the series)

    E= 282096508120298471704 Joules or 67.4 Gigatons of TNT - Island level

    Not bad. Considering…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Madara drops a massive meteor upon the shinobi alliance. When Ōnoki manages to stop it, he drops the second one on his head. Madara yeeted on his goofy ass

    Ōnoki= 1.3 meters= 17px

    • Rock Width= 219px= 16.7 meters
    • Rock Width= 16.7 meters= 154px
    • Rock Height= 445px= 48.4 meters

    I took this rock because it seems to be the only one which showcases its full height. Others are either destroyed or are far away from the screen. To compensate I will scale the tallest looking rock to the meteor

    • Rock Height= 48.4 meters= 28px
    • Width= 735px= 1270 meters

    a= c= 635 meters

    b= 731px= 1263 meters

    Volume= (4/3)Pi*abc= 2134912533 m^3

    • Meteor Density= 3000 kg/m^3

    Mass= 6404737599860 Kg

    The average ablation speed is 3,000m/s

    KE= (1/2)mv^2= 28821319199373350656 Joules or 6.8 Gigat…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Itachi= 1.78 meters= 77px

    Gedō Mazō finger= 62px= 1.4 meters

    Finger= 1.4 meters= 20px

    Gedō Mazō arm= 96px= 6.88 meters

    Arm= 6.88 meters= 6px

    One rock formation (r)= 520px= 596 meters

    Both of them form a hemisphere, so

    Volume= (2/3)*Pi*r^3= 443916722 m^3

    Rock Density= 2700 kg/m^3

    Mass= 1198575150922 kg

    PE= mgh

    • Mass= 1198575150922 kg
    • g= 9.81 m/s^2
    • h= (3/8)r= 223.5 meters

    PE= 2628934961099182 Joules or 628 Kilotons of TNT - Town+ level

    Neither an upgrade nor a downgrade. At this point town+ results for elite jonins is not surprising, but good supporting feat regardless. Sucks we have to settle for PE method tho.

    He used it against 2nd Form of Jūbi . Since we do not have size of 2nd Form Jūbi, we will use height of 1st Form

    First Form Jūbi is 1460.7 meters . T…

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  • Overloader99

    So, today, I will be calculating a Saint Seiya speed feat.

    In Saint Seiya: Episode G Assassin's, Chapter 11, Capricorn Shura, while fighting Roland, was exhausted and outmatched.

    Roland was vastly superior to/than Shura. Shura struggling to win had to achieve a miracle to defeat Roland. He surpassed the "intial expansion of the universe" which clearly is about the inflationary epoch of the big bang. With this miracle he defeated Roland in one strike.

    Since, we don't have any given size for the Universe in Saint Seiya, we will have to use the real life universe size for the calculation.

    According to Wikipedia, the size of the observable universe is 93 Billion Light Years. Since, the Universe is supposedly a sphere, the expansion spread from the…

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  • Overloader99

    In The Flash Vol 2 #141, Wally outran the inflationary epoch of the Big Bang, after he outran the Black Flash to the end of Creation. Wally managed to outrun it.

    The epoch lasted approximately 9.9 x 10^-36 seconds. It extended from that point to a size 10^13 light years across. Wally outran this HUGE expansion.

    Given this, we can now correctly calculate his speed. Given that there are 9.461 x 10^15 metres in a light year, we can use this as a reference point. The size of a Universe in DC is at least 10^14 light years, or, 100 trillion light years across.

    Since, the Universe is supposedly a sphere, the expansion covered each direction at the same speed, the distance covering each side as it's radius. So, the radius of the Universe must be 5 × …

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  • Adam of darkness

    Ittan, a Chinin aka canon fodder, makes a crater to hide undergound from an explosion.

    • Kankuro= 0.875 meters (Half of his entire height since he is sitting down)= 29px
    • Width= 498px= 15 meters

    l= b= 15 meters

    • Height= 697px= 21 meters

    Volume= lbh= 4748119372 meters

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 J/cc

    E= 1017759387418 Joules or 243.25 Tons of TNT - Multi block level

    Pretty neat for a Chunin.

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  • Adam of darkness

    Deidara with the help of Manda V2 flips Genbu, the living turtle Island. To calculate this feat first we would have to find the dimensions of Island, so lets get to it

    Firstly I got the scaling idea from this blog , so props to Lazywaka for making it simple for me. Most of the scans come from this chapter We know the Jinchūriki train inside those buildings, so even if they lose control and the beast breaks out, they seal the beast inside the building. B also trained inside one of those buildings, so it is safe to say they are as big as Eight Tails Building= 101.5 meters = 243px

    Ceiling= 1076px= 449 meters

    This being low-end because we cannot see the actual ceiling of the mountain.

    Mountain= 449 meters= 301px

    Manda V2= 138px= 206 meters

    Manda V2=…

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  • Adam of darkness

    We gonna fing size of Gyūki, aka 8 tails. Would be useful in many other calcs so lets get started

    Yamato= 1.78 meters= 23px

    Horn = 94px= 7.2747826086956534 meters

    Horn= 7.27 meters= 62px

    Gyūki= 865px= 101.5 meters

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  • Adam of darkness

    Naruto (Verse)

    October 2, 2018 by Adam of darkness

    Naruto Uzumaki is a young boy who has always been isolated from the rest of the village. Living in a world where ninja nations reign, he aspires to become the most honored position of them all in his nation, the Hokage, and thus finally be recognized. What Naruto doesnt know, but soon find out is that the reason he is shunned out is due to having the Kyubi, a demonic fox-like beast sealed inside him, which threatened to destroy the village years ago. In his quest to achieve his dreams the troublemaking Naruto manages to become a genin (lowest ranking ninja) and is assigned to a three-man cell named Team 7 along with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, under an experienced Jōnin (Highest ranking ninja after Kage) named Kakashi Hatake.

    The story…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Alright we get some good feats in this arc during Ulquiorra vs Ichigo. 

    I am rather going to find the size of LN via scaling rather than the statement of Nel, because it contradicts the visual representation of LN. Besides this is how LN is treated everywhere, and low-end is the safest end. 

    Ulquiorra= 1.69 meters= 9px

    Pillar Width= 271px= 50.88 meters

    Pillar Width= 50.88 meters= 6px

    Las Noches= 855px= 7251.5 meters

    Simple enough. Now Ulquiorra states Espadas ranked 4 and above are not allowed to release becuse they could destroy Las Noches itself. I am assuming their Reiatsu would works sort of like explosion (You know powering up and destroying shit with shockwaves and stuff)

    From this calculator I get 120 Kilotons for Wide spread destruction a…

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    Electro zaps spidey after Vulture drops him in. Sounds like a fun party. 

    Spider-man's height = 6 feet (According to a dev twitter statement)

    Spider-man's height = 488 px

    Spider-thigh's length = 115.316 px

    Spider-thigh's length = 0.4321 m

    Spider-thigh = 0.4321 m

    Spider-thigh = 64.536 px

    Panel height = 1080 px

    Angsize to get the distance

    Distance to spider-thigh =  5.1636 meter

    Electro's strikes have been called lightning so I'll just roll with that (This is a Lie, I'm too lazy to actually think of a way to calculate electron drift for the discharge since it'd involve a lot of equations I'm not familar with. Sue me. I'm a pharmacy student not a physics major)

    Speed of lightning = mach 289

    Distance to spider-man = 5.1636 m

    Distance spider-man dodged = bo…

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  • George Hatziantoni

    Another Attempt

    September 16, 2018 by George Hatziantoni

    So based on the method BMWFanboy used I will also attempt to scale the Naruto Planet Size from the movie.Now In the scene before the planet is shown Toneri sends down a meteor the brightness of which can be seen from space. Obviously since the meteor landed in Konoha in the Land of Fire I compared how the land is shaped and compare it from that of the map. Based on carefully zooming out from the Land of Fire and comparing the way the country is warped around by the sea from both sides its shape itself and such as well as the distance between it and the land of Fire, it seems logical to say that what is scaled below is the Hidden in Frost Village area. Since the Frost Village can be seen on the Planet it allows us to scale its size.

    Here the…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Rukia freezes one of the arrancers she fights, This was the first showing of her Zanpakutou too.

    Arrancer= 1.7 meters= 55px

    Width= 311px= 9.6127272727272699 meters

    Height= 1600px= 49.45454545454544 meters

    Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 3589 m^3

    Air is 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen

    For Nitrogen

    Volume= 2871 m^3

    • Fozen nitrogen density= 1026.5 kg/m^3

    Mass= 2947395 kg

    Ambient temperature = 343.15 Kelvin

    Nitrogen melting point = 63.15 Kelvin

    Change in temperature= 280 degree kelvin

    • Specific heat of Nitrogen= 1040 J/kg K

    Q1 = m*C*Delta(t)= 858281297490 Joules

    • Latent heat of Nitrogen= 199000 j/kg

    Q2= m*L= 586531518545 Joules

    Q= Q1 + Q2 = 1444812816035 Joules

    For Oxygen

    Volume= 718 m^3

    • Solid oxygen is 1426 kg/m^3

    Mass= Density x Volume= 1023620 kg

    we are by default assuming this ice …

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  • Adam of darkness

    Edrard activates his Resurrección, punches Ikkaku with it, and creates a big crater. Thats about it.

    • Window= 2 meters= 9px
    • Punch diameter= 230px= 51.111111111111106 meters

    Crater radius= 25.555555555555553 meters

    Ikkaku's leg= 0.91 meter= 373px (Should be half of his height)

    Crater Depth= 815px= 1.9883378016085745 meters

    Volume= (2/3)*Pi*abc= 2719690198 cc

    •  Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc

    E= 582965593959 Joules or 139 Tons of TNT - Multi block level

    Might as well take a vaporization end. Why? Because Edrad's punch is heat based, and we also see smoke around the crater. But its kinda hard to confirm that its vapor and not dust particles (Lolbleach), but many indications its Vaporization.

    • Vaporization Value= 25700 j/cc

    E= 69896038090830 Joules or 16.76 …

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  • Adam of darkness

    Horohoro uses an AoE base attack and freezes a wide area. That's about it.

    Yoh= 1.42 meters= 585px

    His face= 120px= 0.3 meter

    Face= 0.3 meter= 52px

    Ice spike= 353px= 2 meters

    Spike base= 0.55 meters

    Total height= 2.55 meters

    Ice spike= 2 meters= 129px

    Width= 581px= 8.9 meters

    Horohoro= 1.42 meters= 81px

    Yoh= 1.42 meters= 265px

    Panel height= 1600px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 4.060342223206 degrees

    Distance = 20.029 meters

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 13.230295521568  degrees

    Distance= 6.1222 meters

    Length= 13.9068 meters

    Volume= lbh= 315.6 m^3

    Omitting half of the vollume because the spikes did not cover that entire volume (Its conical in structure, so the upperend would have many pore spaces between each spikes but the base w…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Ren moves away from a spot before Manta could notice

    Ren= 1.42 meters= 81px (Average height of a 13 year old)

    Panel height= 558px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 11.607568997956 degrees

    Distance= 6.9852 meters

    Number of frames that the eye can clearly see and distinguish = 60 FPS

    Time frame = 1/60= 0.016 second

    Speed= D/T= 419 m/s or Mach 1.22 - Supersonic

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  • BMWFanboy

    First Blog :P

    September 13, 2018 by BMWFanboy

    I made two calcs for Nardo's Earth

    From this , I got the size of "the enemy hideout"

    First scan [1] 47 px = 3671.5 km
    So 78.1170212766 km/px

    Therefore [2] Enemy hideout width = 45 px = 3515.26595745 km

    Next pic enemy hideout width = 3515.26595745/27 = 130.195035461 km/px

    Naruto planet diameter = 976 px or 127070.35461 km

    Wanted to do this using the same method used in this calc 
    Time needed to go from Konoha to Suna = 3 days

    3 days in s = 259200 s
    Assuming speed of Mach 1 (this speed has been surpassed quite early on in the series too)= 88905600 m or 88905.6 km
    Km/px = 630.536170213
    Enemy hideout width = 25 px or 15763.4042553 km

    Next scan km/px = 583.829787234 (The last scan above)
    Planet diameter = 976 px = 569,817.87234 km

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  • TataHakai

    Some Naruto Calcs: Redone

    September 10, 2018 by TataHakai

    Got asked to do some naruto calcs with the new planet size so, and yeah i'm shamelessly ripping off Kep's pixel scaling because i'm too lazy to do it myself, thnx to Kepekley23 for the pixel scaling ig, new planet size here

    • Earth's diameter = 904px = 127070.35461 km
    • Distance between the meteors and the atmosphere = 228px = 32048.7177556 km
    • Height of a meteor = 29px = 4076.37199425 km
    • Diameter of a meteor = 20px = 2811.29103052 km

      Basically moon sized each, jesus christ

    It's an ellipsoid, so:

    • V = 4/3 * pi * Axis A * Axis B * Axis C
    • V = 1.69e10 cubic kilometers or 1.69e19 cubic meters

    The density of a meteor is 3100kg/m³

    • M = D * V
    • M = 1.69e19 x 3100 = 5.239e22 kg, There were 19 so
    • 19 x 5.239e22 = 9.9541e23 kg

    I'm just going to use a 1 minute assumption fo…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Jugo activates his curse mark and goes berserk. In an attempt to kill Raikage he shoots an energy blast, which creates a huge explosion and vaporizes chunks of massive pillars

    Samurai= 1.7 meters= 50px

    Pillar Width= 195px= 6.63 meters

    Pillar Width= 6.63 meters= 186px

    Explosion Diameter= 537px= 19 meters

    Explosion Height= 449px= 16 meters

    Pillar Hole= 232px= 8.3 meters

    Pillar Volume

    Hole radius= 4.1 meters

    Hole height= Width of Pillar= 6.63 meters

    Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 356 m^3

    He vapourized two of them , so

    Total Pillar Volume= 712 m^3

    Crater Volume

    Crater diameter is more or less equal to explosion diameter. So 

    Crater radius= 9.5 meters

    Crater depth= Sphere Diameter - Height of Explosion= 3.1 meters

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*abc= 602 m^3

    Energy Output

    Total Volume= Pilla…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Plunderer feats

    September 7, 2018 by Adam of darkness

    Jail throws his Iron spears at a flying Helicoptor

    Helicoptor= 12.3 meters= 42px (The lowest length I could find of a attack helicoptor )

    Panel Height= 817px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 4.12 degrees

    Distance =  170.85 meters

    He threw that  at an angle of ~45 degree

    Speed = 81.8649 m/s

    Now for pillar dimensions

    • Helicoptor= 12.3 meters= 178px
    • Pillar Length= 115px= 7.9 meters
    • Lenght of one side of hexagonal surface (s)= 10px= 0.69 meter

    Volume = 7.95 m^3

    Density of Iron= 7700 kg/m^3

    Mass= Volume x Density= 61189 kg

    KE= (1/2)mv^2= 205040263 Joules or 0.05 Tons of TNT - Wall+ level

    • Jail= 1.8 meters= 212px
    • Face= 165px= 1.4 meters
    • Arm Length= 688px= 5.8 meters
    • Arm Width= 115px= 0.98 meter
    • Torso length= 527px= 4.47 meters
    • Torso width= 197px= 1.67 meters …

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  • Adam of darkness
    • Random person= 1.7 meters= 113px
    • Crater width= 561px= 8.4 meters

    a=b= 4.2 meters

    • Crater Depth= 52px= 0.78 meter

    Volume= (2/3)*Pi*abc= 58353796 cc

    Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc

    E= 12508136316 Joules or 2.9 Tons of TNT - Large Building level

    • Ganju face= 0.26 meters (Is more taller than Ichigo so his face length should be more or less equal to him)
    • Crater Width= 3.5 meters

    a= b= 1.75 meters

    • Crater depth= 0.3 meter

    But, this is just the surface depth. The lower half of their body is also submerged in the ground, so actual depth of the crater would be height of the lower body+ visible depth. Adding 0.8 meter we get 1.1 meters as depth.

    Volume= (2/3)*Pi*abc= 7012586 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc (Ganju's ability is to turn ground into sand, which is ba…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Ichigo trains to get his shinigami powers back, and during his fight against Urahara he finally unlocks his hidden power and fires his first attack (which is prolly Getsuga Tenshou)

    Urahara= 1.83 meters= 791px

    Head= 109px= 0.25 meter

    Head= 0.25 meter= 33px

    Rock= 674px= 5.15 meters

    Rock= 5.15 meters= 227px

    Kisuke= 1.83 meters= 40px

    Crater width= 431px= 9.7790906913833136733543 meters

    Crater depth= 244px= 5.5361905538225720099732 meters

    Panel height= 1101px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 2.403261299232 degrees

    Distance = 43.622 meters

    Kisuke was standing few meters away from Ichigo, so adding 3 meters more gives us 46.622 meters as our crater length

    Volume= lbh= 2524064239 cc

    • Pulverization value= 214.35 j/cc

    E= 541033169673 Joules or 129.3 Tons…

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  • Adam of darkness

    A Feng Shen Ji feat

    September 7, 2018 by Adam of darkness

    I've been planning to read this series but can't take out any time to do so. But I was requested to do this feat by someone so here I am. So there's this character who destroys half of a mountain with his quake, lets see what I can do with the scans provided.

    Human= 1.7 meters= 97px

    Horn width= 57px= 0.99 meter

    Horn= 0.99 meter= 8px

    Salamander (Without his tail)= 217px= 27 meters

    • Salamander= 27 meters= 17px
    • Mountain length= 617px= 983.4 meters
    • Average height= (154+121+196+196)/4=166.75px = 265.8 meters
    • Mountain width= length/4= 245.85 meters

    Volume= lbh= 64267999867254 cc

    The character in question destroyed half of the mountain according to narration, so 

    Destroyed Volume= 32133999933627 cc

    • Fragmentation Value= 8 j/cc

    E= 257071999469016 Joules or 61.4 K…

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  • TataHakai

    Don't mind this, just using it to store somewhere until the size is accepted or rejected, credit to Kepekley23 for the angsizing, i'd do it again myself but i'm too lazy, new planet sizehere

    • Angsizing = 2*atan((160/358)*tan(70/2)) = 23.91 degrees
    • Diameter of Earth = 127070.35461 km
    • Distance (via angsize) = 300070 kilometers

    • Yellow line = Earth diameter = 373px =127070.35461 km
    • Purple line = panel height = 120px
    • Angsizing = 2*atan((373/120)*tan(70/2)) = 111.6 degrees
    • Distance (via angsize) = 43178 km
    • Distance Difference =  300070 - 43178 = 256892 kilometers
    • Mass of Moon = 6.2456e22 kg
    • KE Low End = (0.5)(6.2456e22 kg)((71358.88m/s)^2) = 38.00568328503628 Zettatons of TNT (Small Planet level+)
    • KE High End = (0.5)(6.2456e22 kg)((513784m/s)^2) = 1.9 Yottato…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Naruto goes berserk. 6 tails is unleashed. 6 tails shoots a tbb. Let's get started

    • Hokage faces= 87.5 meters= 35px
    • BB diameter= 481px= 1203.4 meters

    Radius= 601.7 meters

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*r^3= 456261967986152 cc

    • Vaporization Value= 25700 j/cc

    E= 11725932577244120943 Joules or 2.8 Gigatons of TNT - Mountain level

    Might as well just give 6 tails an Island level rating based on this

    6 tails Tailed Beast Ball (2.8 Gigatons - Mountain+)

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  • RM97

    Re:Creators Cosmology

    September 2, 2018 by RM97

    In the following post, I'll elaborate upon the Cosmology of the Verse of Re:Creators. The post will analyze and evaluate both the Fictional Worlds/Fiction and the Real Universe/Real World within the series using the tremendous infodump from the Characters in the Anime as well some elements from the Guidebook and Secret Archive DVD

    1) The Fictional Universes or "Story Worlds" within the Verse are regular Universes separated from the real world and existing independently. They are often referred to as "Stories" or "Worlds" or "Fiction" or "Universes" within the series.

    2) The People from the real world can exist freely and interact with other people in the Story Worlds

    3) These Story Worlds ha…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Since I got mountain level Genos is outlier unless we get more feats suggesting Demon class monsters are that strong, I tried to keep an eye for feats. And I realized Giant Snowman from an extra chapter. He is a 1000 meters long giant snowman, thats about it. 

    What we are gonna do is simple, calculate the potential energy needed to sustain such mass. 

    Now there is hardly one panel of the snowman, because he was a canon fodder for Saitama in this side story. But, we have another snowman. What we are gonna do is scale the small snowman, and compare it to Giant snowman

    So the bottom circle (245px) is 1.7883211678832117 times bigger than top sphere (137x)

    His height is 1000 meters, which essentially equates to addition of the diameters of each sph…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Ichigo blocks an arrow fired by Uryu at point blank range 

    Ichigo= 1.74 meters= 1093px

    His face= 163px= 0.2594876486733699 meter

    Face= 0.26 meter= 46px

    Panel height= 431px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 8.547781768408 degrees

    Distance = 1.7361 meters

    His face= 0.26 meter= 175px

    His arm= 583px= 0.864 meter

    Now here is the issue, we do know Ichigo swings his sword after Uryu's arrow moved some distance, but dont know exactly the distance covered by arrow because of the way it is drawn. So we will make a reasonable assumption; arrow travelled 1 meter before Ichigo noticed it and swung his sword. Why? Because we know Uryu's arrows are at least as big as his arm (Which should be more or less as Ichigo - 0.8 meter), so the arrow already com…

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    In this blog, I'll be calculating the size of the Hollow Knight along with a feat that happens early in the series. This should shed some light into the potential of the verse as a whole

    I'll scale the world using the distance the knight fell from the King's pass to measure the world

    Number of frames till the the Knight reaches ground = 18 frame

    Video Frame rate = 10.011 FPS

    Time = 1.798 second

    Using free fall equation for distance 

    Distance fell = 15.852 m

    Distance between the Pass and the ground = 31 px

    Distance between the gate and the end of the pass = 6 px

    Distance between the gate and the end of the pass = 3.0682 m

    Distance between the gate and the end of the pass (Second image) = 449 px

    Knight's height = 69 px

    Knight's mask = 34 px

    Knight's heig…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Tatsumaki casually stops gigantic bullets fired from Boros' spaceship. This blog is essentially a redo of this one, so credits goes to Chaos. I am just making it more accurate by anglesizing distances. 

    Saitama= 1.75 meters= 192px

    Hall Width= 1030px= 9.4 meters

    Hall Width= 9.4 meters= 3px

    Road Width= 10px= 31.3 meters

    Road Width= 31.3 meters= 3px

    Ship Portion Length = 1720px= 17941.6 meters

    Ship portion length= 17941.6 meters= 898px

    Side portion length= 718px= 14345.25 meters

    Height above ground= 203px= 4055.83 meters

    Story Height = 2 pixels= 3 meters

    Hero Association building= 320px= 480 meters

    Saitama jumps towards the ship from top of the Hero Association building, so

    Distance travelled= 4055.83- 480= 3575.83 meters

    Now for horizontal Distance

    Side Po…

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  • Adam of darkness

    So another blog for those heavy as fuck swords. This time we gonna calculate how heavy would an average katana would be if it is made of the materials as same as this sword

    So a katana's blade is generally greater than 60 cm, we will model our sword with this length for a low-end. I searched for an average thickness for a katana blade, but it was all a waste. Most of the blades however were 7 mm thick, so that is what we are going with. 

    L= 60 cm

    b (thickness)= 0.7 cm

    h= 3 cm (Value I got by scaling this sword with length 73 cm)

    Volume= lbh= 111.0598290598290186 cc

    Now there is a statement which states 1 cubic micometer of this substance is 100 kilograms

    1 cubic centimeter= 1000000000000 cubic micrometer

    Mass= 111.0598290598290186* 1000000000000*…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Genos fires an energy blast, which destroys the House of Evolution building and chunks of mountains. Destruction of building is not the concern, we are focusing on mountain chunks. Let's start with getting an average mountain height for the area around the city

    So saitama and Genostook 4 hours to reach that mountainous region (The warning board is shown so it is safe to assume they just reached the bottom)

    Average human running speed is 10-15 miles per hour. Taking low-end, we get 40 miles or 64.3738 km or 4 hours.

    Mountain= 28px

    Panel height= 483px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 4.64891872049 

    Mountain height = 5.2261 km

    Mountain's height = 186 px

    Mountain's average height = 5.2261 km

    Hole(?) major axis = 52.354 px

    half of Hole(?) min…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Beefcake punches saitama continuously, and leaves a big ass crater behind. Now MAD SOULER already did this calc, but the more accurate way to do this would be to scale through Beefcake's official height which is 270 meters (He is 10 times larger than Orochi, who is 27 meters)

    • Beefcake= 270 meters= 299px
    • Face= 38px= 34 meters

    • Face= 34 meters= 33px
    • Crater diameter= 389px= 404.5 meters

    Radius= 202.25 meters

    • Crater depth= 208 meters

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*abc= 178161769866211 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc

    E= 3818897537082312 Joules or 0.913 Megaton of TNT - Town+ level

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  • Adam of darkness

    Yes it is Vaccine Man, Piccolo of OPM (You know I had to do it to 'em ). He makes a big ass crater in the middle of the city before his actual introduction. 

    Window= 2 meters= 7px

    Crater diameter= 1686px= 481.7 meters

    Radius= 240 meters

    Now why did I scale the entire panel, when the blast only covers a part of it? Because the blast was still expanding. We see in the next panelhow roads and buildings are affected by it.

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*r^3= 29264236941263 cc

    Its hard to tell if it is actually Pulverization or V. Fragmentation due to various chunks of crater still remaining, but a decent amount of crater was definetly pulvrized too. So I will take average of the 2 values, which is 141.675 j/cc

    E= 4146010768653544 Joules or 0.99 Megaton of TNT - Town…

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