• Adam of darkness

    Yes it is Vaccine Man, Piccolo of OPM (You know I had to do it to 'em ). He makes a big ass crater in the middle of the city before his actual introduction. 

    Window= 2 meters= 7px

    Crater diameter= 1686px= 481.7 meters

    Radius= 240 meters

    Now why did I scale the entire panel, when the blast only covers a part of it? Because the blast was still expanding. We see in the next panelhow roads and buildings are affected by it.

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*r^3= 29264236941263 cc

    Its hard to tell if it is actually Pulverization or V. Fragmentation due to various chunks of crater still remaining, but a decent amount of crater was definetly pulvrized too. So I will take average of the 2 values, which is 141.675 j/cc

    E= 4146010768653544 Joules or 0.99 Megaton of TNT - Town…

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    In the movie (and subsequent comic adaption) Thor The Dark World, the Aether, one of the infinity stones, is to be utilized by the big baddy to cover all the nine realms in darkness.

    Since the aether was in the form of a dark cloud of a sand like substance, I'll be taking this feat using potential energy of maintaining such a cloud above ground level to cover up all of the realms.

    Density of loose sand = 1442 kg/m^3

    The volume we'll be using is the volume of Earth's atmosphere. Why? Simply really. The Aether was going to evelope ALL of the world in complete darkness without a shred of light while using sand is actually a low end value of a feat of such scale. The darkness would have to completely seperate the surface of the earth from space s…

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  • TataHakai

    Re Creators: Nuke

    August 5, 2018 by TataHakai

    Big boom, i'll work out the distance to the explosion through angsizing since it reaches all the way to the screen, since it covers far more distance than that it'll be a lowball but meh

    2atan(tan(70/2)*(30/575)) = 0.0494314682 radians or 2.83221450300217 degrees

    Average oak tree height = 18 meters distance to center of explosion = 369.89 meters

    Air blast radius (near-total fatalities) Yield: Y = ((x/0.28)^3)/1000

    X is in kilometers, Y is in Megatons iirc

    ((0.36989/0.28)^3)/1000 = 2.1 kilotons of TNT (Multi-Block+)

    2.1 kilotons of TNT (Multi-Block+)

    So exactly who will scale from this?? Literally all the other creations except Magane.

    Why would they scale?? They kept up with Mamika and even managed to hurt her whereas Mamika herself survived this …

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    In a fight for their creators' futures, anime characters destroy bridges and create craters. Weird but still understandable

    The feat

    Selesia's head = 60 px

    Selesia's body = 422 px

    Selesia's body = 1.69 m

    Selesia's head = 0.2402 m

    Selesia's head = 20 px

    Selesia's head = 0.2402 m

    Crater's radius = 552 px

    Crater's radius = 6.631 m

    A crouching position should be at atleast half the body's height so that would give us at least 0.85 m for the crater's depth (Selesia's crouching height)

    Volume of the crater = volume of an ellipsoid/2

    Volume of the crater = 58.7229 m^3

    Going to go with pulverization due to dust formation and the lack of large debris 

    Pulverization = 214.35 j/cc

    Energy to create the crater = 12587267529.86 joules or 3 tons of TNT (Building+)


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  • Overloader99

    The Flash moves at relativistic speeds (sometimes stated as light speed), which generates enough momentum to produce one deadly punch.

    According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, as an object approaches the speed of light, it's mass tends to infinity as infinite energy is required to move at the speed of light.

    Physics 101. The faster an object moves, the more mass it gains. At light speed, my fist hits like a white dwarf star -Wally

    Relativistic effects take over as a body approaches light speed. Visual input will begin to Blueshift and my body's mass will increase towards Infinity. At these speeds, I'll appear to him as a continuous beam of light. I could hit him a thousand times before he had a chance to blink. Once ought to do it. Maybe …

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  • Adam of darkness

    Someone makes a crater that is visible from space

    Assuming the planet's diameter is equal to Earth, Diameter= 12742 km= 806px

    Crater= 17px= 268 km

    Radius= a= b= 134 km

    Unfortunately this is the only panel with a crater shot, and scaling depth here is not possible. So we are going to assume depth is 1/4 of the crater width.

    Depth= c= 67 km

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*abc= 2540932171139329 m^3

    I was informed this was caused by magma manipulation, so melting is taking place here. This blog helped me to figure out how to do it. 

    Gonna assume the mountain to be made of Granite (which, in itself, a low end of sorts since Granite is one of the lowest substances when it comes to heat capacity and latent fusion heat)

    Density of granite= 2750 kg/m^3

    Crater Mass= 6987563…

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  • TataHakai

    Gotta go fast, feat happens in chapter 56 here

    The radius of the galactic center = 10,000 ly = 48 px

    Screen height = 277 px

    2atan(tan(70/2)*(48/277)) = 0.163842648 radians or 9.3874922346708 degrees

    Distance =   5.7613e+20 meters

    That's our distance to the center of the galaxy

    I'll assume a low end of 1 minute and a high end of 10 seconds since this practically happened in 1 page

    Low end = 9.6021667e+18 m/s or 32,029,380,472.27c (32 billion x FTL)

    High End = 5.7613e+19 m/s or  192,176,282,166.51c (192 billion x FTL)

    Low end =  32 Billion x FTL

    High End = 192 Billion x FTL

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  • Adam of darkness

    Sailor Moon flies to Galaxia Palace from outisde the galaxy instantly

    Galaxia Palace is situated in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy

    Distance crossed=50k light years at least

    Time-frame 1 minute as a Low-end and 10 seconds as a High-end because she supposedly reached there in an instant

    Speed (Low-end)= D/T= 26298000000c or 26.298 Billion times FTL - MFTLx

    Speed (High-end)= 157788000000c or 157.788 Billions times FTL - MFTLx

    Edit: RM97 suggested to angle size instead, which makes sense so lets get going

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 10.762574456278 degrees

    Radius of the galactic center = 10,000 ly= 150px

    Distance = 53080 light-years

    Speed (low-end)= D/T= 27917956800c or 27.9179568 Billion times FTL - MFTLx Speed (High-end)= D/T…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Idk I dont read Sailor moon so I will try to calc speed of the attack by whatever scan I was provided with 

    • Panel height= 364px
    • Planet Height= 34px

    Apparantly this planet is said to be gigantic, so I wil assume its diameter to be equal to Jupiter (139,822 km)

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 7.484087048566 degree

    Distance = 1068900000 meters

    I will take a minute timeframe as a high-end and 10 second as a low-end because I was informed attack reached instantly.

    Speed= 17815000 m/s or Mach 51938.7755102040816327 - Sub-relativistic

    Speed= 106890000 m/s or 0.3565466613573047c - Relativistic

    Pretty sure there are better speed feats............ 

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    Nitocris, a caster class servant and a pharaoh, utilizes her magic to prevent any and all intruders by the means of an extremely dense sand storm surrounding the capital of the egyptian lands in the sixth singularity Camelot, divine realm of the round table.

    Pretty easy feat.

    According to Da Vinci, Ritsuka and co. left the sand storm 100 km away from Ramessesum.

    That gives us a radius of a circle of 100 kilometers. Now for height, we'll use the high end of average sand storm height at 15.24m (Considering that this sand storm is supposed to prevent dragons and massive sea creatures from entering, I believe that this value is fair for a low end purpose)

    Volume of the cylinder = 152400000000 m^3

    Density of dry sand = 1602 kg/m^3

    Following Adam of D…

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    Original blog

    So, this blog will just go over why composite Goku should get upgraded to Low 1-C. But I will also include some other feats and statements for characters being made in the future and can be used for justification

    So let's begin. This blog will talk about the following:

    Feats of Destructive Capacity
    Feats of Speed
    Cosmology of the verse.

    So let's start of with Cosmology of the verse:

    So first we should know that Heroes is actually a direct continuation of Xenoverse. This is because Demigra's death from Xenoverse is mentioned in Heroes. DBH also encompasses most, if not all other game franchises. Surprisingly, it also encompasses One P…

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  • Adam of darkness

    So Mashima's next series is finally on roll. It starts with all of his usual elements: Uneeded fanservice, Friendship speeches, and a good art. 

    As far as feat goes, there are some in this chapter. Like Shiki (MC of EZ) making a crater with a punch

    But we gonna calc another feat here. Its again him punching and making a crater, but this one is way more bigger 

    Machine dude= 1.8 meters= 28px (A robot who should be at least the size of an average human)

    Radius of crater= 622px= 40 meters

    Finding depth is a bit problematic here, because it is not visible. But considering how its deep enough that 2 humans can fit inside it (Shiki and that chick) it should at least be 5 meters.

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*abc= 16743194984 cc

    Fragmentation Value= 8 j/cc

    E= 13394555…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Drum Rock mountain=5000 meters = 25px

    Width of Island= 95px= 19000 meters

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  • RM97

    During the Prologue of Dies Irae, Wolfgang Schreiber was narrated to create such an explosion that was unmatched by any modern nuclear weapons during the WWII era. The explosion was able to level the entirety of Berlin.

    Assume that the entire explosion covered Berlin

    Berlin has an area of 891.7 sq km

    The Radius of Berlin thus would be 16.8475 km which is equivalent to the Radius of the explosion

    Yield Y = [{(r/0.28)^3}/1000] Megatons

    Therefore, Y = [{(16.8475/0.28)^3}/1000] Megatons

    Or, Y = 217.83732 Megatons or Mountain Level

    Wolfgang Schreiber exhibited Mountain Level AP/DC and as such, the other LDO members are likely going to scale from this.

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  • Muhammedmco

    Esdeath dodged laser from Mine. I'm gonna attempt to calculate it.

    Esdeath = 127 px

    170(Esdeaths height) / 127 = 1.338 px per cm

    Distance from Esdeath to Mines rifle if it were lifted up = 275 px or 367.95 cm

    Timeframe = Distance / speed

    Timeframe = 3.6795 / 299792458 = 1.227349088282E−8

    Mine is 155 cm tall

    155 / 7.5 = 20.66 cm for her head height

    Mines head = 34 px

    20.66 / 34 = 0.607 cm per px

    Beam = 143 px or 86.801 cm

    Now lets get the distance Esdeath crossed

    Beam = 55 px

    Panel = 391 px

    2tan(70/2)x(55/391) = 0.13329825894 radians =  7.6374276537 degrees

    Using the Angsize calculator we get a distance of 6.5021 meters

    Esdeath sword looks lie a ribbed shell swept hilt rappier which has a blade lenght of 105.5 cm

    Sword = 116 px

    2tan(70/2)x(116/391) = 0.28113…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Selesia= 1.69 meters= 1537px

    Her head= 225px= 0.25 meter

    Head= 0.25 meter= 35px

    Depth= 177px= 1.25 meters

    Width= 2310px= 16 meters

    a=b= 8 meters

    Volume= 668530916.7712002 CC (As per Ellipsoid Volume Calculator)

    Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc

    E= 1.433 x 10^11 J or City Block Level

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  • XBlake123

    Kaneki upgrade

    May 21, 2018 by XBlake123

    In the series, Ghouls are given ratings by CCG based on how strong they are. SSS is strongest while C is weakest.



    Similarly to Ghoul ratings, CCG investigators are given ranks.
    Special Class
    Associate Special Class
    First Class
    Rank 1
    Rank 2
    Rank 3

    Here is Saiko, one of the CCG investigators who one shotted a small building (which is considered Building here).

    Note that she's only Rank 2 so  scaling her to strongest, it is safe to say that a SSS rated Ghoul is at least large Building Level.

    Eto aka One Eyed Owl (SSS rated) was able to destroy a massive portion of cochlea disposal chamber.

    The same chamber was stated to be strong enough to kill her (Basically strong e…

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  • Duhhhhhh1

    Downgrade for Shulk.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 retconned some things that made Shulk Universal off of Scaling from Zanza in this thread I will cover the retcons and explain one of his other feats that "put him at Universal".

    Retcon: So Shulk was Universal for defeating Zanza who tanked "his universe being destroyed and a new one being made" but XBC2 retconned it to them just being teleported to different dimensions rather than the Universe actually being destroyed. Proof: The Architect (Who is Half of Klaus/Zanza) stating things that vanished when the experiment went off (now being the conduit going off in XBC2) were teleported to other dimensions including half his body (who would be Zanza)

    The Architect hearing shulk…

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  • RM97

    Sirius is a perfect copy of Altair and a Reflection of her. She was written to have the exact same powers as Altair and was written to serve as a secret weapon in case they needed her in the Birdcage. Here’s some info regarding Sirius from Episode 20 :-

    Not only was she created in the same manner as Altair aka without any background or story, but she was created to have the same powers as Altair. Even Meteora comments that she is a perfect reflection of Altair and moreover Altair herself states that she is a good copy of her. Furthermore, Her Existence is synchronized with Altair's Existence Coefficient aka Both of them has the same type and nature of Existence. This proves that Sirius herself is Altair and she too…

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  • RM97

    Altair is the primary antagonist of the meta-fictional anime “Re:Creators” and she is notorious for having multiple abilities due to her being a unique creation and having an independent existence. This post will try to explain her being an Acausal from various statements as well as the two different perspectives of In-Verse and Metafictional. So without further ado, let’s get to the point :-

    From The In-Verse Perspective

    In “Re:Creators”, the stories/story worlds are parallel universes which run alongside the “real” universe but they have their different laws while the “real” universe is normal like ours. The term “Creations” in the verse refer to the created characters, stories,etc whereas the term “Creators” refers to the authors, writers…

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  • RM97

    Mirai Nikki Feats

    April 19, 2018 by RM97

    So after finishing the manga, the anime, and the 3 spin-offs (which are Canon), I found these feats for the profiles of the God Tiers in the Verse:-

    1) Abstract Existence & Non-Corporeal & Immortality Type 1 & 4 : Deus Stated he can live in Yukiteru's imagination . his Cathedral exists as a metaphysical realm between the spaces of human imagination . stated that one has to take his place as a god of Space and Time otherwise the Universe cannot be saved . his true form exists as a small stone which is his core

    2) Limited Resurrection : Deus responded to Arike's question that it is possible to revive people but without mind or soul and that it is impossible to revive people with lost soul or mind. More statements and also the event that occurr…

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  • Adam of darkness


    April 5, 2018 by Adam of darkness

    Giant rock soldier swings his sword and makes a crater

    Kijira= 1.5 meters= 31px

    Horn= 37px= 1.79 meters

    Horn= 1.7903225806451595 meters= 5px

    Width of crater= 405px= 145 meters

    • a= 72.5 meters

    Depth= 72px= 25 meters

    Length= 415px= 148 meters

    • b= 74 meters

    Yes, I know the panel is skewed and I cannot scale length directly. But there is really no other panel through which I can scale this really (This dude is canon fodder so not much time was wasted on him), besides this will serve as a low-end if anything

    Volume= (2/)Pi*abc= 290882834494 cc

    • Fragmentation value= 8 j/cc

    E= 2327062675958 Joules or 556 Tons of TNT - Multi block level

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  • Adam of darkness

    Toriko= 2.2 meters= 9px
    Total Volume
    Width= 524px= 128 meters
    a= b= 64 meters
    Height= 427px= 104 meters
    Volume= (4/3)Pi*abc= 1793327387844 cc

    Volume of the Pulverized Ore
    Width= 252px= 61.6 meters
    a= b= 30.8 meters
    Depth= 142px= 34.7 meters
    Volume= (4/3)*Pi*abc= 137929943423 cc

    Volume of Fragmented Ore
    = Total Volume - Pulverized Volume= 1655397444420 cc

    Fragmentation and Pulverization Values for Iron are 20 j/cc and 90 j/cc respectively

    Fragmented Ore= 33107948888417 Joules or 7.9 Kilotons of TNT

    Pulverized Ore= 12413694908149 Joules or 3 Kilotons of TNT

    Total Energy= 10.88 Kilotons of TNT - Town level

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  • Adam of darkness

    Kugi Punch very first debut. Toriko creates a massive hole in a gate. Thats pretty much it. First Panel

    • Toriko= 2.2 meters= 373px
    • His leg= 230px= 1.36 meters

    Second Panel

    • His leg= 1.36 meters= 74px
    • Width= 619px= 11.35 meters

    Panel height= 715px

    Width of hole= 11.35 meters= 231px

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 25.493895219274 degree

    Distance= 25.081 meters

    Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 2536506375 cc

    • Fragmentation Value= 8 J/cc

    E= 20292051000 Joules

    He used 3 punches, so dividing the value by 3 Individual Punch= 6764017000 Joules or 1.6 tons of TNT - Building level

    Scales to BoS Beasts.

    Not really sure its a stomp or just its normal casual walk, but Regal Mammoth leaves behind massive craters while travelling. We are gonna calculate that 

    GT Robo= 2.2 …

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  • Adam of darkness

    First Panel

    • Arm= 0.75 meters= 125px
    • Blade length= 171px= 1.026 meters

    Second Panel

    • Blade length= 1.026 meters= 358px
    • Thickness= 6px= 0.0172 meter= 1.72 cm

    This is what we will consider thickness of all blades.

    We gonna choose the largest weapon avialable

    Area= 116.03 cm^2

    Thickness= 1.72 meter

    Volume= 199.5716 cm^3

    Now there is a statement which states 1 cubic micormeter of this substance is 100 kilograms

    1 cubic centimeter= 1000000000000 cubic micrometer

    Mass= 199.5716 * 1000000000000 * 100= 19957160000000000 kg - Class D lifting strength

    Now to find KE, it was explictly stated they move at mach+ speeds adn then them moving at dozens of time faster. So Mach 2 and Mach 24 would be the 2 ends I will be using here. No, its not calc stacking becuase these a…

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  • Adam of darkness

    This is already done before, but I will tweak the values a bit and get a more accurate value. We will be using Greenbit method from this blog

    Measuring the width of the beach

    Pillar width= 5 meters= 5px (Taken from here)

    Beach= 608px= 608 meters

    What MS did was scale only the crater, when he should have scaled the beach width itself. Now for Greenbit 

    Beach= 608 meters= 4px

    Greenbit= 31px= 4712 meters

    A bit more than previously scaled . Now for Dressrosa's size 

    Greenbit= 4712 meters= 35px

    Dressrosa= 232px= 31234 meters

    Dressrosa= 31234 meters= 701px

    King's plateau= 34px= 1515 meters

    King's Plateau= 1515 meters= 198px

    Palace= 24px= 183.6 meters

    Castle= 183.6 meters= 18px

    First Level

    • Length= 2846 meters
    • Height= 89px= 908 meters

    Second Level

    • Length= 194px= 1979 …

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    I don't think this requires much of an introduction considering Artoria's popularity and all so I'll just cut down to the chase. Two feats both performed and stated to have happened in the Fate route.

    This feat happens during the fight with rider and luckily we have the VN's opening to demonstarte exactly how it did. 

    Rider's height = 1.72 m

    Rider's height = 2821 px

    Rider's leg's length = 1753 px

    Rider's leg's length = 1.0688 m

    Rider's leg's length = 1.0688 m

    Rider's leg's length = 74.242 px

    Window's height = 126.873 px

    Window's height = 1.8265 m

    Window's height = 1.8265 m

    Window's height = 9.4868 px

    Building's width = 298.83 px

    Building's width = 57.533 m

    Building's width = 57.533 m

    Building's width = 224.839 px

    Beam's length (vertical) = 521.844 px


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  • Adam of darkness
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  • Adam of darkness
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  • Adam of darkness

    Water 7 Saga

    February 14, 2018 by Adam of darkness

    Volume= l*b*h= 556 m^3

    Upper part Volume= l*b*h= 67 m^3

    Total Volume= 623 m^3

    • Density= 2400 kg/m^3

    Mass= Volume x Density= 1495942 kg

    Omitting 80% of this to account hollowness of the building

    Mass= 7479711 kg

    It also has 3 of those cylindrical structures, so

    Total Mass= 7559442 kg

    Adding both of them,

    Total mass he pushed aside= 17228064 kg - Class A

    This was also done in the most akward position one can imagine, and from the looks of it was also casual. Overall good strength feat for base luffy

    Will be updated soon

    Will be updated soon

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    Someone gets thrown through the moon, gets through it and comes out the other side

    Diameter of the moon = 3474 km 

    Diameter of the moon = 309 px

    Diameter of the inner tunnel = Diameter of the path = 10.295 px

    Diameter of the inner tunnel = 115.7508 km

    According to an in-series statement, the man destroys everything around him by seperating the atomic bonds AKA sub-atomic destruction. The moon is mainly composed of oxygen and silicon

    Silicon's destruction value = 1.895E12 j/cc

    Volume of the hole = volume of the cylinder 

    Volume of the hole = 36556804828497512.81 m^3

    Energy = 6.927514e+34 joules or 16.557 yottatons (Large planet)

    Existing = 16.557 yottatons (Large planet)

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    Since Caladbolg is an important noble phantasm, I figured I'd make a blog for it and its variants' feats. First in the order of business is speed. I'll do the DC part when it gets translated whenever the Agartha singularity gets released. 

    Since the Nasuverse is one big lump of canon hell, Nasu decided to make everything "canon". What does that mean? Well, every anime, manga, novel, game etc is its own seperate universe -yes and that includes the DEEN adaptations. Congratz, possibly the worst VN adaptation is officially canon. Anyway, since that's that. Everything follows the same principles so I'll scale the Ryuudou temple mountain using the visual novel and use the attained value to scale the UBW anime's feat.

    Assassin's height = 1.76 m


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    Just a small calc I thought of doing before I go to sleep so here goes

    Parrallel world's mass radius = 400 meter (statement)

    Parrallel world's mass diameter = 418 px

    Enzou alter's diameter = 269.56 px

    Enzou alter's diameter = 515.912 meter

    Distance to the surface = 161.245 px

    Distance to the surface = 308.603 meter

    Going to calculate the volume of the "cylinder" that Corrupted!Gilagemesh vaporized then deduct the volume of empty space that is the altar which is a hemisphere

    Volume of the whole cylinder = 64512362.864 m^3

    Volume of the empty space = 35949897.72 m^3

    Volume vaporized = whole cylinder - empty space 

    Volume vaporized = 28562465.1441 m^3

    Vaporization value = 25700 joule/cc

    Energy = 734055354205029976.08 joule or 175.443 megatons (Mountain le…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Margaret (Rueduciel) fires a energy beam from a very distant location towards Zeloris, which crossed said distance instantaneously and disperses a cloud

    Zeldris's height = Meliodas's = 1.52 m

    Zeld's height = 66 px

    Height above the cloud = 400 px

    Height above the cloud = 9.212 m

    Using the planetary parameter's calculator, we use the height above the clouds as the obsever's height and add 24 km to the planet's diameter to account for the clouds being there as the "ground" or so to say

    Distance to the horizon = 10.85 km

    Considering that Zeld is a superhuman entity, I'll use 250 FPS for his reaction time meaning that he can clearly see 250 frames per second and the beam was even able to blitz his reactions from the considerable distance of 10 kilomet…

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    basically, the empire launches "bombs" and the MC, Caim, tanks them like a chump

    Since the clouds are dark, it can only be assumed to be storm clouds which have an upper height of 12,000 meters above ground 

    Distance to the upper cloud = 12000 m

    Size of the upper hole = 160 px

    Width of the screen = 565 px

    Using the angsize calculator

    Size of the hole =  4758.9 m

    Height = 10000 meters

    It took exactly 1 frame for the clouds to part (FPS of the video is 29.97)

    Time frame = 0.0333667 second

    Distance parted is the radius of the hole = 2379.45 m

    Speed of the parting = 71312.1165 m/s

    Volume of the parted clouds = 178403747288.2198 m^3

    Density of clouds = 1.003 kg/m^3

    Mass of the clouds = 139039285714.31 kg

    Kinetic energy of the 'bomb' = 453628810269500448595.04…

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  • Adam of darkness

    First Panel

    • Window size= 1.5 meters= 19px
    • Tree Size= 745px= 58.82 meters

    Second Panel

    • Tree Size= 58.82 meters= 28px
    • Fire Blast Radius= 273px= 575 meters

    Using this calculator I get 0.0088 Megatons, which is 8.8 kilotons - Town level

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  • Adam of darkness

    About time I start doing requested calcs too, so here it goes

    Diameter of earth= 12,742 km= 511px

    Explosion width= 226px= 5635.4 km

    Explosion radius= 2817.7 km

    Explosion= 1347000000 Megatons or 1.347 Petatons

    The character went straight through the planet and came outside from otherside of the planet, so

    width of the beam= 8px= 199.5 km

    Volume= Pi*r^2*h

    • h= diameter of earth
    • r= width of the beam/2

    Volume= 398236311967219622581423.553299218 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc

    E= 85361953470173526100328138.65 or 20.4 Petatons

    Total E= 21.747 Petatons of TNT - Multi continent

    There are also sockwaves produced covering half of the planet but not sure what to do with them atm

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    Nokalai Tesla, the genius without parrallel, was summoned with a madness enhancement during london to charge up the demonic fog with his lightning and make it envolpe the entire united kingdom

    The fog would've covered all of the UK so I'll take a radius value for the circle of the fog that it would've made

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    Ludo fires a beam from several kilometers away that overtakes Zeldiros's reactions. As simple as that. 

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  • Adam of darkness

    One Piece: Raigou

    December 26, 2017 by Adam of darkness

    Enel destroyed Angel Island from his 1st Raigou. He wanted to destroy the entire Skypiea with his 2nd one, that is what I will calculate here.

    Cuz why not? We would take the length of Upperyard and get our Volume. Since Raigou is actually a sphere, it would affect anything in its radius, which is the length of Upperyard

    New Volume= 73451342183623907 cc

    • Vapourization Value= 25700 j/cc

    E= 1887699494119134410181 Joules or 451.17 Gigatons of TNT - Still Island level

    Length of Going Merry= 30.4 meters

    Beanstalk Width= 247 meters

    Upperyard Destruction= 259.5 Gigatons to 451.17 Gigatons - Island 

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  • Adam of darkness

    First Panel

    • Nosa's head= 0.35 meter= 29px
    • Log diameter= 193px= 2.3 meters

    Second Panel

    • Log diameter= 2.3 meters= 34px

    Radius= 1.16574261888662607565 meters

    • Log length= 135px= 9.26 meters

    Third Panel

    • Nosa's height= 2 meters= 17px
    • Panel height= 249px

    Volume= Pi*r^2*l= 39.5 m^3

    • Density of log= 740 kg/m^3 (Asssuming its Oak)

    Mass= Density x Volume= 29246.5 kg

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 5.473920342302 degree

    • Distance= 20.918 meters

    Assuming the angle of launch to be 45 degrees

    Velocity= 28.6451 m/s

    KE= (1/2) mv^2= 11999002 Joules

    W = F*d

    • W = Work= Energy
    • F = Force
    • d= Distance arm travelled

    Assuming he moved his arm about 2 meters to accelerate the ball

    11999002 J= F*2

    F= 5999501 Newton

    G= m*g

    • G= Force
    • m= Mass
    • g= Gravitational acceleration= 9.8 m/s^2


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  • Adam of darkness

    BNHA Post Internship

    December 14, 2017 by Adam of darkness

    Feat: Todoroki creates ice structures in the time Aizawa blinks

    First Panel

    • Deku's height= 1.66 meters= 751px
    • Upper half= 385px= 0.85 meter

    Second Panel

    • Upper half= 0.85 meter= 30px
    • Platform width= 690px= 19.57 meters

    Third Panel

    • Midoriya's upperhalf= 0.85 meters= 16px
    • Levelled height= 331px= 17.6 meters

    Center of Mass = H/2= 8.8 meters

    Looks like a dome structure to me. So

    Volume= 5505.56 m^3

    Density of granite= 2800 kg/m^3

    Mass= Density x Volume= 15415568 kg

    • Center of mass = h = 8.8 meters

    P= mgh= 1329818905 Joules or 0.32 Tons of TNT - Building level

    This was a casual feat. Just more confirmation og Building and higher for Pro Heroes. Should scale to other pussy cats and Ranked Heroes at least


    • AFO Height= 2.2 meters (Comparable to All-Might)= 12px
    • Crater…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Deku's first ever punch using One For All

    First Panel

    • Jiro= 1.54 meters= 693px
    • Her arm= 150px= 0.33 meter

    Second Panel

    • Her arm= 0.33 meter= 44px
    • Crater length= 575px= 4.36 meters

    Third Panel

    • Random fodder= 1.7 meters= 67px
    • Crater width= 731px= 18.55 meters
    • Crater depth= 61px= 1.55 meters

    Panel height= 260px

    Object=  2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 20.456570371068

    Distance = 4.71 meters

    Total distance between Jiro and fodder (Crater Length)= 4.36+ 4.71= 9.07 meters

    Colume= lbh= 260785175 cc

    • Fragmentation Value= 8 j/cc

    E= 2086281400 Joules or 0.498 tons of TNT - Building level 

    Deku's punch (3.7 tons - Large Building)

    Deku's flick (0.026 tons - Wall)

    All-Might's casual speed (Mach 1.37 - Supersonic)

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    Animus slams his hammer hard. Creates a relatively big crater.

    Pretty tough hammer

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    Brandish, one of the Spriggans, raises an island several kilometers in the air

    Height of the random person = 1.7 m = 18 px

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  • Adam of darkness

    Pretty much what the little says. Hirose erases part of a mountain by merely swinging his hand


    Since there is nothing I can do to actually find the height of the mountain by scaling, I will find Average height of Moutains in Hokkaido (that is where they were during said feat). I got 1514 meters for it 

    • Mountain height= 1514 meters= 241px
    • Hole diameter= 112px= 703 meters

    Radius= 351 meters

    • Hole's front = 703.75 meters= 486px
    • Hole's back = 703.75 meters= 328px
    • Angsize the distance to both then deduct
    • Distance to front = 690.71 m
    • Distance to back = 1023.44 m
    • Hole's depth = 332.724 m

    Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 129423089802365cc

    Now here is the catch. Hirose's ability basically lets him to erase anything…

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  • Adam of darkness

    One Piece: Skypiea

    November 14, 2017 by Adam of darkness


    • Nami's height= 1.7 meters= 14px
    • El Thor height= 445px= 54 meters
    • El Thor Width= 256px= 31 meters

    Radius= 15.5 meters

    Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 41010255977 cc

    • Vapourization Value for Wood= 1669 j/cc

    E= 68446117226291 Joules or 16.36 Kilotons of TNT - Town level

    And this was a casual El Thor


    • Luffy height= 1.72 meters= 35px
    • Hole diameter= 268px= 13 meters

    Radius= 6.5 meters

    • Depth= 13 meters (No way to scale depth, but the tree should be as thick as the diameter of hole at the very least)

    Wood Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 1794 m^3

    50% of Mass of tree is usually water

    • Wood density= 600 kg/m^3
    • Density of water= 1000 kg/m^3

    Wood Mass= 1076531.5 kg

    Water Mass= 1794219 kg

    Total Mass= 2870750.5 kg

    Q = MCdelta(t)

    For Wood

    • Specific Heat (C)= 2000 j/kgk
    • Delta(t)= 260 C

    E= 1492790275956…

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  • TataHakai

    Wanted to redo this calc with the method used for the old SKP - SS calc

    72 hours in 3 days or 259200 seconds

    Assuming they were travelling at Mach 1

    343 x 259200 = 88,905,600 meters or 88,905 kilometers between the Leaf and Sand

    Distance between the leaf and Sand = 445 px = 88,905 kilometers

    Distance between the VOTE and The frost country = 201 px = 40,007 kilometers

    Circumference of the Naruto Planet = 2057 pixels = 408,963 kilometers

    Diameter of the Naruto verse Planet = 130,242 kilometers

    Via this accepted calc

    the width of the stump of the Shinu tree is 63 kilometers which is what i'll be scaling from

    Shinju tree stump = 55 px = 63 kilometers

    CT diameter = 13 px = 14.8 kilometers

    Volume of CT = 1697400000000 m3

    Density = 3000 kg m3

    Mass = 5092200000…

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  • Adam of darkness

    This is pretty simple one. Zoro vanishes from everyone's line of sight and appears behind Igaram

    • Zoro= 1.78 meters= 14px
    • Panel height= 436px

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 2.576011462682

    Distance between Igaram and Zoro= 39.584 meters

    Gonna use 220 FPS here because some of the fodders were ranked Baraque officers

    Timeframe= 1/220= 0.0045 sec

    Speed= D/T= 8708 m/s or Mach ~ 25 - Hypersonic+

    Luffy punches Wapol to shadow realm

    Mountain height= 5000 meters = 161px

    Panel height= 853px

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 15.057284206808 degree

    Distance = 18916 meters

    Timeframe will be 5 seconds for a low-end. Luffy in an instant stretched his hands and punched Wapol in other. 

    Speed= Distance/Time= 3783.2 m/s - Mach 11 - Hyperso…

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  • TataHakai

    Sasuke Pulls his pets

    October 18, 2017 by TataHakai

    Sasuke pulls his Tailed pets

    I will be scaling from this new calculation 

    "Distance between the bay and island = 4157043.233 meter

    Distance = 37.44 px

    Width of the map = 700 px

    Width of the map = NV's earth's circumference = 77722.496 kilometers

    Distance from VOTE to Frost country = 73 px = 8102077.26112 meters or 8102 kilometers

    Via this accepted calc , the width of the stump of the Shinu tree is 63 kilometers which is what i'll be scaling from

    Shinju tree stump = 55 px = 63 kilometers

    Diameter of CT = 13 px = 14.8 kilometers

    Volume of CT = 1697400000000 m3

    Density = 3000 kg m3

    Mass = 5092200000000000 kilograms

    Since it happened in the same page in the space of a single panel i'll use 1 second as a high end and 5 second as a low end, seems justifiable …

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