• Adam of darkness

    Hyuga Boss

    June 22, 2017 by Adam of darkness
    • Hiashi's Height= 1.76 meters= 36px
    • Crater Diameter= 350px= 17 meters

    Radius= 8.6 meters

    • Depth of the Crater= 27px= 1.32 meters

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*abc= 202362006 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 J/cc

    E= 43376296028.329 Joules or 10.367184 Tons of TNT - Large Building+

    And he barely gets any screentime...... not to frget he can use it again and again. Good stuff indeed

    Should scale to other clan leaders, possibly

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  • Adam of darkness

    • Kakashi's Height= 1.81 meters= 122px
    • Diameter of the crater= 101px= 1.5 meters
    • Diameter of the crater= 107px= 1.6 meters

    Radius (Average)= 0.77 meter

    V = (4/3)Pi*r^3= 1923334.725494433426 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 J/cc

    E= 412266798.4097318048631 Joules or 0.0985341296390372 Tons of TNT

    Well, thats dissapointing. But I think its perspective issue (Kakashi is standing at a distance from the crater). Lets try another one

    • Sasuke's arm=0.67 meter= 24px
    • Diameter of the crater= 98+100/2= 99px= 2.79 meters

    Radius= 1.391 meters

    Volume= (4/3)Pi*r^3= 11273508.79350914657130738 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 J/cc

    E= 2416476609.888685567559736903 Joules or 0.577551771005899992247 Tons of TNT - Building level

    Seems bout right. Considering chidori is a piercing attack, i…

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  • Adam of darkness

    • Neiji's Height= 1.59 meters= 180px
    • Crater's Diameter= 312px= 2.756 meters

    Radius= 1.378 meters

    • Depth= 33px= 0.2915 meters

    Volume = (2/3)Pi*abc= 1159299.39 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 J/cc

    E=248495824.55 J or 0.05939193 Tons of TNT

    But Neiji Scales to sasuke who already had a building level feat. Also, rotation is an omnidirectional burst of energy, so this crater is not the full power of Neiji's rotation

    • Neiji's Height= 1.59 meters= 180px
    • His Arm= 84px= 0.742 meter

    • Neiji's Arm= 33px= 0.74 meter
    • Crater's Diameter= 339px= 7.6224 meters

    Radius= 3.811189 meters

    • Crater's Depth= 38px= 0.854 meter

    Volume= (2/3)Pi*abc= 25992707 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 J/cc

    E= 5571536748.75 J or 1.33163 Tons of TNT - Building+ level

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  • Adam of darkness

    Just your basic "Sasuke Moment" (Yes, sasuke was the boss in early chapters). The feat is from Chapter 7 

    • Sasuke's Height= 1.5 meters= 129px
    • His Arm= 58px= 0.67 meters

    • Sasuke's Arm= 0.67= 19px
    • Crater's Diameter= 176px= 6.247 meters

    Radius= 3.124 meters

    • Crater's Depth= 24px= 0.852 meter

    Volume = (2/3)Pi*abc= 17408567.0183 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 J/cc

    E= 3731526340.369 or 0.8918562 Tons of TNT - Building level

    Pretty good for Early series. Scales to nigh everyone that gets introduced afterwards 

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    The episode Distance to the moon = 384402 km

    Time frame = 60.023 seconds

    Speed = 6404245 m/s or mach 18836.0148 (Sub rel)

    Distance to the moon = 384402 km

    Earth's diameter = 12742 km

    Earth's diameter = 845 px

    Screen's height = 1080 px

    Angsize to earth

    Screen-Earth's distance = 11629.147 km

    Moon-Lucifer's distance = 372772.85 km

    Time frame = 1.93 seconds

    Speed = 193146555.82 m/s or 0.6442c (Relativistic+)

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    The god of destruction fires some lasers into the sky and blows up some cities

    There isn't really much to talk about here. Most information have been already layed out clearly for us. The regions destroyed were Aki, Higo and Tanba.

    Aki's surface area = [,_K%C5%8Dchi 317.34 km^2

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    Naruto saves Inari from some bandits that were trying to harm him and his mother.

    Inari's height = 1.285 m

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    Zekka karate chops an asteroid. That's what you call badass.

    Random person's height = 1.7 m (Average human height)

    Random person's height = 12

    Stair's width = 152

    Stair's width = 21.53 m

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    A feat from Early Naruto. Sasuke dodges sound waves fired by the sound village ninjas.

    Sound ninja's height = 1.5 m (seems to be as tall as Sasuke himself)

    Sound ninja's height = 42 px

    Panel height = 404 px

    Angsize to get the distance 

    Distance = 10.303 m

    Sakura's height = 1.485 m

    Arm/body ratio = 0.45

    Arm length = 0.66825 m

    Arm length = 96.3 px

    Sasuke's height = 1.508 m (official)

    Sasuke's height = 322 px

    Panel height = 409 px

    Angsize to Sasuke and to Sakura's arm and deduct the value to get the distance 

    Arm-panel distance = 2.026 m

    Sasuke-panel distance = 1.3677

    Arm-sasuke distance = 0.65888 m

    Distance that the sound wave traveled = 10.303 m

    Distance that sasuke moved = distance sound traveled + 2*arm-sasuke distance (since he carried Naruto and Sakura t…

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    Rex moves relative to lightning

    Distance between Lightning and ground = 65.1153 px

    Distance between Rex's initial position and lightning = 77.1038 px

    Distance between Rex's final position and lightning = 133.506 px

    Distance Rex moved = 56.368 px

    Lightning/Rex ratio = 0.8656

    Lightning speed = 98327.77 m/s

    Rex's speed = 85118.86 m/s or mach 250.349 (Massively hypersonic)

    Rex runs for dear life = mach 250.349 (Massively hypersonic)

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    Potency Chart

    June 8, 2017 by MAD SOULER

    We finally done it, lads. The finished potency chart is here.

    Building = 0.5 tons to 1 tons

    Building+ = 1 tons to 2 tons

    Large building = 2 tons to 6 tons

    Large building+ = 6 tons to 11 tons

    City block = 11 tons to 50 tons

    City block+ = 50 tons to 100 tons

    Multi-city block = 100 tons to 1 kiloton

    Multi-city block+ = 1 kilotons to 5.8 kilotons

    Town = 5.8 kilotons to 500 megatons

    Town+ = 500 kilotons to 6.4 megatons

    City = 6.4 megatons to 50 megatons

    City+ = 100 megatons to 130 megatons

    Mountain = 140 megatons to 500 megatons

    Mountain+ = 500 megatons to 3 gigatons

    Island = 3 gigatons to 500 gigatons

    Island+ = 500 gigatons to 6.868 teratons

    Country = 6.868 teratons to 110 teratons

    Country+ = 100 teratons to 550 teratons

    Continent = 550 teratons to 4 petatons


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    In regards to where this tier should start, I have several contradicting ideas. I'll try them all and see where they get me.

    Nearest solar system distance = 4.37 light years = 41342385000000000 m

    Neptune's GBE = 1.70637e+34 joules

    Since the distance to the sun from earth is small and negiligable, I'll do just that and neglect it.

    Surface area of the sphere formed by the ODW = 2.147835e+34 m^2

    Half of neptune's surface area = 3809136381330978.411 m^2

    Multiplier = 5638640362129924810.79x

    MSS = 9.621e+52 joules or 962.16 MegaFOE

    The reason why I took Neptune instead of the sun? Well, the energy itself is overkill. It'd destroy anything either way so using the sun just adds complications.

    Proxima Centauri orbit = 0.24 Light years

    Alpha Centauri's orbit …

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    The main character, Shin, creates a tunnle through the rock using a newly-developed spell that utilizes gases 

    Shin's height = 1.7 m (assumed. Average human height)

    Shin's height = 230 px

    Tunnle's width = 526 px

    Tunnle's width = 3.888 m

    Second Tunnle's width = 3.888 m

    Second Tunnle's width = 162 px

    Tunnle's height = 55 px

    Tunnle's height = 1.32 m

    Tunnle's width in the distance = 3 px

    Tunnle's width in the distance = 3.888 m

    Panel height = 780 px

    Angsize to the tunnle's width in the distance 

    Panel-End distance = 721.843 m

    Panel-Shin distance = 4.1168 m

    Distance to the end point from shin = Panel-End - Panel-Shin

    Distance to the end point from shin = 717.726 m

    Shape of the vaporized rock = elliptic cylinder/2 = Pi*a*b*H/2


    a = tunnle's width/2

    b = tunnle…

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    The Helium Qwaser creates a sun through helium fusion. Seems legit.

    Temperature at the sun's core = 15,000,000 K

    Helium Qwaser's height = 1.7 m (Average human height)

    Helium Qwaser's height = 183 px

    Sun's diameter = 30 px

    Sun's diameter = 0.278 m

    Surface area of the artificial sun = 4*Pi*r^2

    Surface area of the artificial sun = 0.244 m^2

    Using the stefan-boltzmann equation for radiation

    P = S-B constant*A*T^4

    Stefan-boltzmann constant = 5.67e-8 W*m^2*K^-4

    A = 0.244 m^2

    T = 15,000,000 K

    P = 700386750000000000000 watts

    P = E/t

    Time (t) would be 1 second for the potency of the attack

    E = 700386750000000000000 joules or 167.396 gigatons (Island)

    Rabbit out of the hat = 167.396 gigatons (Island)

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    Loli banchou throws a megaladon.

    Akira's height = 2.5 m (assumed. He seems to be a gaint)

    Akira's height = 150 px

    Road's width = 802 px

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    I'll assume an diameter of 1 km for hypothetical town.

    Plug that into the nuke calculator

    Energy = 5.8 kilotons

    I'll assume a diameter of 10 km for a hypothetical city

    Plug that into the nuke calculator

    Energy = 6.4 megatons

    I'll assume two start points for mountain level; energy to completely destroy New York City and energy to destroy a hypothetical mountain that is 2 km in radius and height.

    Surface area of NYC = 789 km^2

    Radius of NYC if it were a circle = 15.84 km

    Plug that into the calculator 

    Energy to destroy NYC = 175 megatons

    This serves more as city level's "ceiling" than mountain's start

    Radius = 2000 meter

    Height = 2000 meter

    I'll assume a cone 

    Volume of the mountain = 8377580409.5727 m^3

    I'll assume violent fragmentation

    Violent fragmentatio…

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    Naruto: Rock

    May 27, 2017 by MAD SOULER

    This was requested and I have absolutely no knowledge on Naruto so here goes.

    Moon-like object's diameter = 325 px

    Moon-like object's diameter = 3474 km

    Sphere's diameter = 1651 px

    Sphere's diameter = 17647.92 km

    Earth-Center of gravity = distance to the ground + object's radius 

    Distance to the ground = 265.68 px

    Distance to the ground = 2839.914

    Height of the moon-like object = 4576.914 km

    I'll take both KE and PE for this. For KE, I'll use reasonable time frames of 1 seconds and 2 minute as high and low ends respectively.

    Mass of the moon = 7.34767309e22 kg

    Potential energy = 3298062123027576679126153846.1538 joules or 788.255 exatons (Small planet)

    Speed (low end) = 23665.956 m/s

    Speed (high end) = 47331.913 m/s

    KE (low end) = 20576332502994870503982…

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  • Piercer of Heaven


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  • Piercer of Heaven

    Seireitei Diameter=279 Pixels=1,018.5916357882.

    Shakonmaku to Ground=132 Pixels=481.91432230839569 km.

    On his way to Seireitei, Ichigo goes from the Shakonmaru to the ground in the time it takes Candice to say 2 sentences:

    The distance he travelled is 481.91432230839569 km.

    A 500 …

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  • Piercer of Heaven

    Accepted diameter of the Seireitei is 1,018.5916357882 km.

    Seireitei Diameter=730 Pixels=1,018.5916357882 km.

    SKP Diameter=25 Pixels=34.883275198226027 km.

    SKP Diameter=34 Pixels=34.883275198226027 km.

    SKP Thickness=132 Pixels=135.42918606370104 km.

    SKP Diameter=34 Pixels=34.883275198226027 km.

    RG City Width=10.259786823007655 km.

    RG City Width=63 Pixels=10.259786823007655 km.

    RG City Thickness=10 Pixels=1.6285375909535960 km.

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    Rex boards a space elevator that went haywire so he had to stop it. Luckily, he has the smack hands.

    Rex's height = 1.75 m

    Rex's height = 123.9148 px

    Elevator's diameter = 857 px

    Elevator's diameter = 12.103 m

    First height = 66 px

    First height = 0.932 m

    Second height = 60 px

    Second height = 0.847 

    Upper panel's diameter = 705 px

    Upper panel's diameter = 9.956 m

    Bottom panel's diameter = 580 px

    Bottom panel's diameter = 8.19 m

    Luckily, speed was stated for the elevator. Speed of the elevator = 23,123,000 m/s

    For simplicity's sake, I'll take the elevator as a cylinder and a conical frustum.

    Cylinder = 107.235 m^3

    Conical frustum = 162.2024 m^3

    Density of steel = 8050 kg/m^3

    Mass of the elevator = 1167857.983 kg

    KE = 349069190575721140000 joules or 83.429 gigat…

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    Saitama parts the air in a very, very large area.

    Chord's height = 25.942 px

    Chord's length = 475.8487 px

    Using Chord's method

    R = 1104.01014 px

    Radius of Earth = 6371 km

    Length of the split = distance to horizon 

    Panel height = 689 px

    Angsize to earth to get the distance 

    Earth-panel distance = 2839.2 km

    Distance to horizon = 3.57*(height)^0.5

    Distance to horizon = 6015.4235 km

    Width of the split = 194.077 px

    Width of the split = 1119.9757 km

    The area of the split seems to be triangular.

    A = (B*h)/2

    A = 6737128163422.1917 m^2

    The height of the split seems to be upto cloud height so I'll be taking 2000 meters as the height.

    V = A*H

    V = 13474256326844383.598 m^3

    Density of air = 1.225 kg/m^3

    Mass that was parted = 16505964000384369.9 kg

    I'll assume a low end of …

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    A titan, Beefcake, punches Saitama so hard, he makes a crater.

    Scientist's height = 1.7 m (Average human height)

    Scientist's height = 29.427 px

    Collar thingy's diameter = 137.719 px

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    A cult that worships Zeref decides to summon a god to the battlefield.

    Natsu's height = 1.7 (Official height)

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    According to its description, Black Sabbath destroys matter on a sub-atomic level similar to a nuclear fission

    First story height = 3 meters (Average height)

    First story height = 15 px

    Upper circle diameter = 731 px

    Upper circle diameter = 146.2 m

    Lower circle diameter = 354

    Lower circle diameter = 70.8 m

    Height of the crater = 200

    Height of the crater = 40 m

    Taking the shape as a conical frustum

    Volume = 384720 m^3 

    For simplicity's sake, I'll take the destruction value of silicon which is 1.895e12 joule/cc

    Energy of Black Sabbath = 729044400000000000000000 joules or 174.245 teratons (Country)

    Arshes Nei summons a lightning bolt to hit Gaara with. Gaara dodges.

    Distance between Gaara and the lightning bolt = 62.641 px

    Lightning bolt's height = 115 px


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    For later

    Pretty simple really

    According to the research on this paper regarding the black hole in the center of the milky way, it takes 1e61 ergs to destroy the galaxy should the GBE of the black hole fail.

    1 erg = 1e-7 joules 

    1e61 ergs = 1e54 joules 

    1 FOE = 1e44 joules 

    Galaxy level = 10 gigaFOE 

    From the paper above, a cluster of black holes has a GBE of 1e63 ergs 

    1e63 ergs = 1e9 FOE or 1 TeraFOE 

    To be honest, I have no idea how to calculte building level, but what I do have is a general assumption that I'll take as see where it leads

    For starters, I'll be using a five story building along with fragmentation

    Fragmentation value = 8 joule/cc

    Volume of the building = 1200 m^3

    Energy required to destroy said building = 9600000000 joules or 2.29 ton…

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    The ability to destroy an average-sized country

    Surface area of the world = 150000000 km^2

    Number of countries in the world = 196 

    Average country surface area = 765306.12 km^2 

    radius of an average country assuming the shape is a circle = 493.5 km

    Plug that into the nuclear calculator 

    Energy required to destroy an average sized country = 6.868 teratons 

    The ability to destroy antarctica 

    Surface area of the world = 1400000 km^2

    Radius assuming a circular shape = 2111 km

    Plug that into the nuke calculator 

    Energy required to destroy an average-sized continent = 553 teratons

    The ability to destroy Afro-Eurasia

    Surface area of Eurasia = 84980532 km^2

    Radius of Eurasia if it were a circle = 5200.97 km

    Plug that into the nuke calculator = 8.632 petatons 


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    Naruto: Light fang

    May 25, 2017 by MAD SOULER

    Madara uses light fang, a jutsu that seemingly travels at the speed of light according to the databook.

    Madara's height = 1.79 m

    Madara's height = 234.04 px

    Distance between Madara's mouth and Naruto's center of gravity = 249.21 px

    Distance between Madara's mouth and Naruto's center of gravity = 1.906 m

    Naruto's height = 1.66 m

    Head/body ratio = 1/7

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    A couple of bullet calcs that should be interesting

    • Dude's height = 1.7 m (assumed)
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    It's naruto. Everyone and their mother knows about this *Awkward laughter*

    Moon's mass = 73476730900000000000000 kg]

    This is pretty simple. I'll just use escape velocity of the meteor.

    Escape velocity = 11200 m/s 

    Kinetic energy = 4608460562048000000000000000000 joules or 1.101 zetatons (Small planet)

    Kinetic energy = 1.101 zetatons (Small planet)

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    Bleach: Wharwelt

    May 25, 2017 by MAD SOULER

    The long awaited wharwelt calc that I promised to do ages ago.....

    Since Wharwelt was basically made from Seireitei, I'll take Seireitei's radius for it

    Seireitei's radius = 509.2958178941 km

    Wharwelt's radius = SS's radius = 509.2958178941 km

    Wharwelt's radius = 615.764 px

    Wharwelt's height = 10 px

    Wharwelt's height = 8.271 km

    Wharwelt's "branch" width = 30.016 px

    Wharwelt's "branch" width = 24.826 km

    Wharwelt's "branch" length = 330.261 px

    Wharwelt's "Branch" length = 273.157 km

    Circular thingy's diameter = 242 px

    Circular thingy's diameter = 200.157 km

    Central thingy's diameter = 169 px

    Central thingy's diameter = 139.779 km

    Grimmjow's height = 1.86 m

    Grimmjow's height = 66.189 px

    Window's height = 94 px

    Window's height = 2.641 m

    Window's height = 2.641 m …

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    Kurohime: The sun

    May 23, 2017 by MAD SOULER

    Apparantly, in the Kurohimeverse, the sun is sprouted from a volcano. 

    Kurohime's height = 1.7 m (assumed)

    Arm/Body ratio = 0.45

    Kurohime's arm length = 0.765 m

    Kurohime's arm length = 35.693 px

    Path's width = 319.789 px

    Path's width = 8.96 m

    Path's width = 8.96 m

    Path's width = 8 px

    Volcano's diameter = 198 px

    Volcano's diameter = 167.64 m

    Since the object projected from the volcano is regarded as a sun by the characters and the narration, I'll go with a tempreture of 15 million C

    We'll need to use the stephan-boltzmann equation by the way.

    P = (S-B constant)*A*T^4

    T = 15,000,000 degrees S-B constant = 5.67e-8

    A = area of a sphere = 4*Pi*r^2

    r = diameter of the volcano/2 = 83.82 m

    A = 88287.957 m^2

    Now we solve the equation for the power yield 

    P = 25342506…

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    Some various feats done using a satilite laser.

    So according to my previous blog, the water tank's diameter is 2.4761 m

    Water tank's diameter = 2.4761 m

    Water tank's diamter = 19 px

    Laser's diameter = 279.65872 px

    Laser's diameter = 36.44542 m

    Laser cannon's diamter = laser's diameter = 36.44542 m

    Laser cannon's diameter = 140 px

    Earth's diameter = 12742 km

    Earth's diameter = 732 px

    Panel height = 774 px

    Angsizing to the laser cannon's muzzle and to earth

    Distance to the muzzle = 143.88 m

    Distance to Earth = 9620.8 km

    The laser destroyed a hill in the background

    Hill's volume = volume of a cylinder = Pi*r^2*h

    r = radius of the laser

    h = diameter of the laser

    Hill's volume = 38020.57806 m^3 or 38020578068.92 cc

    Gonna take vaporization 

    vaporization value = 257…

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    A character in the manga Jackals dodges a bullet from point-blank

    Height = 1.7 m (assumed)

    Head/body ratio = 1/7

    Head height = 0.242 m

    Head height = 76.55 px

    Distance dodged = 165.0515 px

    Distance dodged = 0.523 m

    The way I see it, there are two types of guns that fit the image provided; the colt single action army and Smith and Wesson model 500. These guns are both vastly different from each other in every single way imaginable. I'll be taking the colt as a low end and the S&W as a high end though.

    Barrel's length = 0.279 m

    Barrel's length = 36.67 px

    Distance to head = 17 px

    Distance to head = 0.1293 m


    Barrel's length = 0.213 m

    Barrel's length = 36.67 px

    Distance to head = 17 px

    Distance to head = 0.098 m

    You might be wondering; Why use pixel scaling …

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  • UchihaVision

    I'm bored

    Zetsu tells us lightning reaches the ground in 1/1000th of a second, so 0.001 seconds

    He's talking about natural lightning here

    Storm clouds, or Cumulonimbus clouds heights can vary, i'll use low, mid and high end figures

    4000 meters as a low end

    12,000 meters as a mid end

    21,000 meters as a high end

    Low end


    speed = distance/time

    4000/0.001 = 4,000,000 meters per second or mach 11,754

    Mid end

    12,000/0.001 = 12,000,000 meters per second or mach 35,264

    High end

    21,000/0.001 = 21,000,000 meters per second ot mach 61,712

    Sub relativistic anyway you put it really

    Ridicolous end

    So apparently they can also form at a height…

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  • Piercer of Heaven


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  • UchihaVision

    FTL Kid Buu

    May 12, 2017 by UchihaVision

    Another simple feat

    Buu was stated to have destroyed "Hundreds of planets in a few years"

    So i'll use 200 planets and 2 years since that's the lowest end we could go with

    as stated here

    there are about 74 planets outside of our solar system within 50 light years

    we'll just round that up to 75 because i'm lazy and get the rest by dividing 50 by 4 which is 12.5, add those two for our total distance for 100 planets and then times it by two to find 200

    so our distance is 131 light years and a timeframe of 63,115,200 seconds ( total seconds in 2 years)

    131 light years is 1.239e+15 kilometers or 1,239,000,000,000,000 kilometers

    so his speed is 1,239,000,000,000,000/63,115,200 which gives us a fina…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Luccy sacrifices aquarius "Golden Key" which triggers the dynamic entry of Celestial Spirit King, aka CSK. The entry was so dramatic that he pierces through the tartaros cube itself!! Chapter 384

    • Window (Red line)= 1.5 meters= 4px

    Ratio= 0.375

    • Castle Width (Blue line)= 232px= 87 meters

    • Width of the castle (Red line)= 87 meters= 9px

    Ratio= 9.6666666666666667

    • Length of one side of the cube (Blue line)= 187px= 1807.7 meters

    • Length of one side of the cube (Red line)= 155px= 1807.7 9meters

    Ratio= 11.6623655913978495026

    • Depth of the crater (Blue line)= 255px= 2973.9 meters
    • Diameter of the crater (Green line)= 62px= 723.07 meters

    Radius= 361.5 meters

    Now we see the pierced rock got pulverized and the whole cub got fragmented, so we gonna calculate both seperat…

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    Ichibie apparantly takes away one hundred nights from Soul Society and puts it in ink form. 

    So, for starters, Ichibie's main power is the ability to manipulate ink and darkness over all. What is perculiar to note is that when Ichibie said that they'd be no "darkness" in Soul Society for a hundred days in the future and that this darkness turned to ink.

    So I'll be taking the meaning as literal. Ichibie took the equivalent of Soul Society's atmosphere in ink form and made a temple.

    Mass of the atmosphere = 5.148e18 kg

    Half it since only half of earth is in direct sun contact

    Mass = 2.574e18 kg

    Height = 205,362 km (Distance between SS and SKP that is accepted between the staff members)

    Ichibie took the equivalent of a hundred nights, that'd mean th…

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    During paragon's cinematic trailer, we see that Gideon summoned a meteor out of a portal.

    Gideon's height = 1.7 m (Average human height)

    Gideon's height = 185 px

    Ratio = 0.00918918918918918918918918918919

    Cone's height (Cyan line) = 115.15642 px = 1.0582 m

    Cone's diameter (Green line) = 206.7 px = 1.89941 m

    First Cylinder's diameter (Yellow line) = 287.446 px = 2.6414 m

    First cylinder's height (Pink line) = 259.5381 px = 2.384945 m

    Second cylinder's height (Purple line) = 133.28166 px = 1.2248 m

    Second cylinder's diameter (Blue line) = 190.39433 px = 1.75 m

    According to cosmic rift's description , Gideon summons meteors from the far reaches of space so I'll take 17,000 m/s as the speed.

    Volume of the meteor = volume of the cone + volume of the first …

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    Zeus, the main protagonist, summons storm clouds that'd cover entire countries just so he could abduct a girl.

    Height = 800 meters (First scan)

    Frankly, I'm more comfortable with the low end and considering that the result is quite close to the high end, it doesn't make much of a difference for me.

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  • Adam of darkness

    Jellal Sema

    May 4, 2017 by Adam of darkness

    I will be assuming the diameter of the meteor would be as same as that of the cloud hole (Because there is where the meteor is summoned duh)

    • Diameter of meteor (Red line)= 160px
    • Panel height (Blue line)= 405px

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 30.925570939514 degree

    • Diameter of the meteor= 1383.1 meters

    Radius= 691.55 meters

    Volume= (4/3)*Pi*r^3= 1385349544.596 m^3

    • Density of meteor= 3000 kg/m^3

    Mass= Density x Volume= 4156048633788.4493 kg

    • Mass= m= 4156048633788.4493 kg
    • Velocity= v= 2000 m/s

    KE = (1/2)mv^2= 8312097267576898511.109 J or 1.98664 Gigatons of TNT - Mountain+ level

    Pretty neat huh? 

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  • Adam of darkness

    • Cloud hole Diameter (Red line)= 306px
    • Panel height (Blue line)= 855px

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 28.137252218902 degree

    • Cloud hole diameter= 1253 meters

    Radius (r)= 626.5 meters

    • Cloud hole diameter= 1253 meters= 306px

    Ratio= 4.0947712418300654

    • Cloud Hole Diameter (Green line)= 572px= 2342.209 meters

    Radius (R)= 1171.105 meters

    • Depth/Height= 2000 meters

    Volume = Pi*(h/3)*(R^2+Rr+r^2)= 5231139634.091 m^3

    • Density= 1.003 kg/m^3

    Mass= Density x Volume= 5246833052.99 kg

    • D= 898.8 meters

    Assuming it took a second for cloud parting

    • Speed= D/T= 898.8 m/s

    KE= (1/2)mv^2= 4238630744797651 J or 1.01 Megatons of TNT - Small city level

    This was irst showing of fairy heart btw. Scales to Wizard saints (The cloud summoning, tsunamis and other things was be…

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  • UchihaVision

    Not much to say here

    The work has pretty much already been done by our good friends over at Vsbattles so all credit to them for this

    I'll link the calc here :

    The calc is fine except for one factor, there's literally no reason to assume it didn't come from space, was Madara somehow keeping meteors in the atmosphere even whilst he was dead? Yeah that makes no sense

    Anyway we have a mass of 2.42e12 and a speed of 11,000 m/s since that's the atmospheric entry speed of the earth

    plugging this into this > calculator gives us a Kinetic energy of 146410000000000000000 joules or 34 gigatons and Madara brought down …

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    Polnareff devises a plan to defeat Hanged man once and for all by using a coin

    First, I'll need the distance between the Hanged man and the coin

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  • Piercer of Heaven

    Average walking speed=5 km/s.

    72 hours=3 days.


    Distance=360 km for Los Noches' diameter.

    So, Ulquiorra's nuke is actually quite fast, travelling such a short distance in such a short time frame:

    I'm going to calc that.


    Diameter of Los Noches=383 Pixels=360 km.

    Walls of Los Noches=33 Pixels=31.018276762402088 km.

    Los Noches' Walls Height=75 Pixels=31.018276762402088 km.

    Lanza Del Relampago's Travelled Distance=226 Pixels=93.468407310704960 km.

    Ulquiorra was stand…

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  • Piercer of Heaven

    Lanza is a pain in the ass to calc for me, so I'm going to leave it out for now.

    Average walking speed=5 km/s.

    We'll assume they have 6 hours of rest, which means they walk for 18 hours a day.

    18×3=54 hours.

    54×5=270 km. Which is the distance to one gate:

    There are 4 gates.

    270×sin45=190.9188309186 km

    190.9188309186×4=763.6753236744 km for Los Noches diameter.

    With this info, we can begin calculating.

    Cero Oscurus


    Diameter of Los Noches=383 Pixels=763,675.3236744 m.

    Diameter of section destroyed=171 Pixels=340,962.08968230391 m.

    Height of section destroyed=6 Pixels=11,963.582094115926 m.

    Now, we're going to find the volume of a spherical cap, using the diameter for the section destroyed and divide by two to get the a…

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  • Piercer of Heaven

    So, I'll be calculating Ichibe's 1000 ri travel speed feat.

    Yhwach was thrown 1000 ri away.

    1 ri=3,927 m.

    1,000 ri=3,927,000 m.

    It's certainly not an assumption to say Ichibe flew around as fast as Yhwach, so we'll use projectile motion.

    Using a peak height of 10 m, we get:

    1,374,450 m/s or Mach 4,007.142857143


    That's his casual travel speed and he isn't even the fastest RG member.

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  • Piercer of Heaven

    The feat was already calced here but there is a glaring issue:

    The use of potential energy is not valid, as the meteor was clearly ablated. Therefore, Kenpachi would scale to the KE of the meteor.

    So, I'm going to recalculate the feat entirely.

    The size of Seireitei was calced here:

    Funnily enough, it's entirely consistent with Yoruichi's statement.

    Here is an image of the meteor compared to Seireitei (Wandenreich is the same size as Seireitei):

    Wandenreich Diameter=785 Pixels=1,585,000 m.

    Meteor Diameter=506 Pixels=1,02…

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    Akame and co. try to rescue Tatsumi from being executed by Budo and Esdeath. Budo uses his Teigu which uses real lightning to attack

    Akame's height = 96.13244 px

    Distance between Akame's center of gravity and the lightning strike = 157.47 px

    Distance between Akame's center of gravity and the lightning strike = 2.68641 m

    Panel height = 300 px

    Distance that the lightning moved (Pixel scaling) = 211.81 px

    Distance that the lightning moved (Pixel scaling) = 3.61 m

    Distance that the lightning moved (Angsize) = Angsizing to Akame = 3.65 m

    Lightning speed = 98327.78 m/s

    Time frame = distance/speed

    Time frame (Pixel scaling) = 3.671e-5 seconds

    Time frame (Angsize) = 3.712e-5 seconds

    Speed (Pixel scaling) = 73179.1441 m/s or mach 215.23 (Massively hypersonic)


    Read more >

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