Origins: Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Alias/Aka(also known as): Lady Bernkastel, Frederica Bernkastel, Bern (cat name), Rika Furude (human name), The Witch of Miracles, The Witch of Fragments, "Reaper/Shinigami", "Mama-cat", "The cruelest witch in the world", "The most powerful witch in the universe", " Almighty and all-powerful master."

Classification: Witch of Miracles, Featherine's "Miko"

Threat level: Omega

Power and Abilities: Reality Warping, magic, cosmic awareness, immortality, space manipulation, gravity manipulation, time manipulation, mystery manipulation, can turn words into reality by using Red Truth and Blue Truth, summoning, hyperverse crossing, exists higher than characters that are able to view a whole higher dimensional universes as nothing more than single glass fragments.

Physical strength: Metaverse level striking

Destructive capacity: At least metaverse (She has infinite power in the higher layer of existence than the meta world, from the perspective of which the lower Metaverses are mere books, far weaker opponents such as Williard H Wright can casually cut universes with his sword Maria Ushiromiya can casually create universes by speaking.)

Durability: At least metaverse (She tanked many attacks from  Battler & Lambdadelta and she only lost consciousness and reverted to her original cat form after tanking Ange's ultimate attack which overpowered her ultimate attack, and caused an earthquake across and a crack on the ceiling of the City of Books), her abstract, conceptual and incorporeal nature as well as acausality, regeneration, and resurrection make her almost impossible to kill, and the concept of death can only apply to her if she stops thinking. She is able to restore her body if she remembers its shape; and she can't be completely destroyed unless her incorporeal soul is erased to nothingness that is beyond conventional existence and non-existence of duality)

Speed: Immeasurable (is qualitatively superior to beings who totally ignore the concepts of physical distance and time "No matter how often you hit it you can never smash the moon's reflection" "True,Trying to hit Bern was like enviously trying to hit the reflection of the moon on water with a stone".)

Intelligence: Genius by human standards. Insightful, clever and cunning, a good psychologist and actor, has a great experience, could be an excellent detective or criminal.

Stamina: Nigh limitless (Depends on the will and determination of her types of thoughts. Fought with Lambdadelta, Battler and Ange one after another and showed no signs of tiredness.)

Weaknesses: Her magic depends on her faith in it; Boredom and the possibility of losing her will; Alcoholism; Immeasurable pride; Traumatized (hates to think of her human past), unbalanced and imperfect control of emotions; May be shocked if someone hurts her (the concept of which she has long forgotten)

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