Origins: Dragon Ball (BoG)

Classification: Hakaishin (God of Destruction of universe 7)

Threat level: Celestial-

Physical strength: At least galaxy+ level striking strength (Even stronger than SSG and SSGSS Goku)

Destructive capacity: At least universe+ (His clashes with SSG Goku spread waves across the universe and all the way to Kaiohshin realm, shaking it and destroying planets and stars in its path. His energy attack clash with Goku lighted up the universe all the way to Kaiohshin realm. Beerus is even stronger than this as hes stronger than Goku whom he was clashing with "equally". It was stated a few more clashes like this would reduce the entire universe to a void of nothingness. Furthermore Akira Toriyama stated in interview that Bills/Beerus could of destroyed the Kaiohshin realm which is approximately 1/10-5th of the size of the Dragon Ball 7th's physical universe. Him and Champa fighting was stated to be capable of destroying both the 6th and 7th universes.)

Durability: At least universe (Despite taking numerous attacks from Goku he ended the fight with barely any damage. At only a fraction of his power he tanked enraged Vegeta exhausting nearly all his energy in a single attack against him. Higher than even SSG or SSGSS Goku.)

  • Akira Toriyama stated that if going numerically to portray there power, Whis would be a 15, Bills/Beerus a 10 and Goku aproximately a 6.

Speed: TransUniversal+ (Can travel galactic lenghts in minutes timeframe, at least about 2/3rd of Whis' speed)

Intelligence: Above the knowledge of your average being via the virtue of being one of the highest ranking deities in his universe. A battle genius whom has yet to be surpassed by other genius warriors like Goku and Vegeta.

Stamina: Very high. Fought SSG Goku for a good while, receiving and exchanging multiple attacks without losing his breath or suffering any noteworthy damage. The more energy he exhausts the earlier he needs to go to sleep/hibernate.

Standard equipment: None shown.

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