Origins: OnePunch-Man

Classification: Mutated human, Giant

Threat level: Demon+, likely higher

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characters.

Physical strength: At least city (can destroy cities with his blows), likely higher

Destructive capacity: At least city, likely higher (according to ONE if Saitama hadn't of intervened, Beefcake would of been reclassified as a Dragon level threat.)

Durability: At least city, likely higher

Speed: At least hypersonic (via virtue of size and scaling), likely much higher.

Stamina: Likely average. Got tired after an onslaught of hits on Saitama, much like a normal human would.

Intelligence: Low. A brute with very low intellect.

Standard equipment: None, although his brother accompanied him before dying as he was the brains behind their plans.

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