Origins: Bayonetta

Classification: Umbra witch

Threat level: Nova, possibly Big Bang+

Physical strength: At least large planet+ level (casually stopped a satellite which fell from orbit to Earth at massive speeds taking only about 4 seconds to travel the distance, could destroys fragments of Jubileus and even Jubileus small fragments could destroy the Earth)

Destructive capacity: At least large planet+ (At least large planet+ potency). At least star level with Queen Sheba (Queen Sheba's punch was measured in infinite "infinitons", a fictional measurement existing far above our largest measurement in real life. The punch carried so much force it hit Jubileus from the edge of the solar system to the sun in a few minutes with enough force to shatter any planet along the way), possibly universe (lore has the Gods of Bayonetta verse as creators who sat in the middle of the constant creation and destruction of chaos, Queen Sheba's punch is measured in-game as "infinite infinitons")

Durability: At least large planet+, possibly universe

Speed: FTLx (Experiences time dilatation, casual lightning timer, can react to light techniques, Gommorah intercepted Aesir being launched by Omne's punch which is even faster than Queen Sheba's MFTL punch. easily putting Gommorah at a fraction of that speed which Bayonetta scales to), Queen Sheba and Omne have MFTL attack speed (Queen Sheba as mentioned punched Jubileus to the sun at MFTL speeds, and Omne is far more powerful)

Intelligence: Very high. Prodigy amongst the witches, her skill places her as potentially the most poweful being in her verse besides its Gods.

Stamina: Very high, no upper limits shown.

Standard equipment: Scarborough Fair (4 Magical infused guns that Bayonetta dual wields on her hands and heels), Kulshedra (A whip that has a snake demon as its hilt), Shuraba (Demonic Katana), Onxy Roses (4 magical infused shotguns that Bayonetta dual wields on her hands and heels), Pillow Talk (Basically a energy sword more powerful than Shuraba)


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