Origins: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

Classification: Meta-World/Conceptual Being, Game Board's Player, Endless Sorcerer

Threat level: Omega

Physical strength: Metaverse level striking (His punch(way stronger than a big bang) reminded Bernkastel about the concepts of pain after many centuries unable to felt it, making her scream, and a kick to the gut made her vomit, coughing and hurting to the point that she had to roll on the floor of the City of Books)

Destructive capacity: Metaverse

Durability: Metaverse (tanked all of the Overlord Cats' spell, within the City of Books with no harm at all)

Speed: Immeasurable, can ignore the concept of speed (was able to hit bernkastel)

Intelligence: Super genius. Can counter arguments that are impossible to counter due to reality warping powers.

Stamina: Very high. Only mental stamina makes sense to beings of the higher world.

Standard equipment: