Gb ban eyecatch
Origins: GetBackers

Classification: Human, Stigmatized

Threat level: Dragon+

Physical strength: At least country+

Destructive capacity: At least country+

Durability: At least country+

Speed: At least hypersonic+

Intelligence: At least super genius. Extremely swift learner that has been praised as a wonderous genius since his infancy which has allowed him to pick up many skills even if they werent of interest to him, which he can perfectly use at any given time even if he has not performed them in years (such as when he played a melody on a violin despite not having used one since his childhood). His genius branches into his combat capacity to the extent he found a hole in It the Miracle Mirror theory that even Kyoji Kagami failed to see and which Ban used to humiliate him in combat. Thus Ban being likely the highest naturally talented in this regard in his entire verse, with only Akabane Kurodo being comparable (Although Akabane having more raw knowledge and experience in comparison to Ban).

Stamina: Very high. Can continue fighting even past his bodies limits or if he has suffered life threatening wounds. Can technically continue fighting even if his body should of died as long as he isnt convinced he is dead.

Standard equipment: His glasses