Origins: Bleach

Alias/aka: Bambietta Basterbine, "Bamby", "The Explode"

Classification: Quincy, Stern Ritter "E"

Threat level: Dragon-

Physical strength: Town+ level striking (via scaling, could effortlessly bisect shinigami with her whip and overwhelmed Komamura in direct combat)

Destructive capacity: At least city (One of the strongest normal ranking Ritters, was stated to be capable of finishing the war by herself if she desired. Of course, this statement would only refer to their limited knowledge on the weakened Gotei 13 at the time.)

Durability: City (survived Humanized Komamura's bankai head on slash, although it apparently crippled her)

Speed: At least high hypersonic+

Intelligence: Average.

Stamina: High. Didnt exhaust herself at all in her participation on the assault against Seireitei despite shown to be constantly attacking.)

Standard equipment: Whip, Medallion (A medallion made for stealing bankais.)

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