Bai Tza

Origins: Jackie Chan Adventures

Classification: Demon Sorceress of Water

Threat level: Dragon, possibly God-

Age: 900+

Gender: Female

Physical strength: At least large building, up to at least city+ with enough water, possibly much higher.

Destructive capacity: At least city+ (Was going to sink San Francisco to be used as her new Atlantis and Drago with a fraction of Bai Tza's chi was going to destroy a small island with a tidal wave), possibly moon level (The majority of the Demon Sorcerers are depicted as around the same level of power). Can also damage non-corporeal beings.

Durability: At least city+, possibly moon level. Immortality and intangibility makes her difficult to kill, invulnerable to all current technology in her verse.

Speed: Massively hypersonic (One of the fastest of the Demon Sorcerers and the only one of them to escape the Chan's first attempt at sealing her)

Intelligence: Genius. Has several hundred years worth of knowledge and experience, master sorceress and combatant. Seen as the most cunning of the seven siblings, next to Shendu.

Stamina: Limitless.

Standard equipment: None notable.