Origins: Dragon Ball GT

Classification: Modified Tuffle, Machine Mutant, Parasite

Threat level: Quasar

Physical strength: At least solar system level striking strength (At least comparable to SSJ4 Goku from Baby saga)

Destructive capacity: At least multi solar system+ (Could compete with SSJ4 Goku's initial apparition)

Durability: At least multi solar system+ (Could survive some of the strongest attacks from SSJ4 Goku's initial apparition)

Speed: Massively faster than light

Intelligence: High. Is the individual masterpiece of Dr. Miu based on the collective prowess of the Tuffle race. Travelled through out the universe infecting beings and thus gaining their knowledge. Eventually possesed every being on Earth, including the Z Fighters. His capacity as a combatant thus should be at least comparable to that of Vegeta from GT but with vastly superior knowledge due to his gains from all those hes infected, plus his own natural genius.

Stamina: Very high. As a parasitic being inhabiting Vegeta's superhuman body he has great stamina, being able to perform anything Vegeta had shown previously and even more by pushing his body past its known limits.

Standard equipment: The bodies of those hes infected.

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