Origins: Asura's Wrath

Classification: Demi-God

Threat Level: Big Bang-

Physical strength: At least small galaxy+, likely higher (In his Destructor form he plowed through a star+ sized celestial object made of solid stone thrown at him at faster than light speeds. He punched through the forehead of Chakravartin's small galaxy sized idol. Later on his punches were stopped by Chakravartin with 1 finger, whom Asura eventually vastly surpassed in strength to the point Chakravartin broke his arm simply by punching Asura's forehead. Asura also forced himself out of timestops, effectively showing time/space defying levels of strength.)

Destructive capacity: At least solar system+, likely galaxy+ (should be able of destroying supermassive objects like the star+ sized celestial object made of stone that Chakravartin threw at him, his lack of destructive capacity is based on the fact he doesn't have much techniques outside of physical blows)

Durability: At least galaxy+, likely higher (Chakravartin's avatar was generating such power during his preparation to reset the world that he was warping the galaxy around himself, Chakravartin was incapable of doing any considerable damage to peak Asura)

Speed: Massively faster than light+ (traveled to the center of the galaxy in a short timespan in his Destructor form)

Stamina: Limitless. Asura powers up based on his anger and can effectively keep on fighting as long as he needs to as long he isn't rendered incapable of continuing to fight. In "The Lost Episode 2" he fought for 500 years till he turned to stone, only to eventually revive and continue fighting. He can also continue fighting with grave injuries like a stab through his chest and ripped off arms.

Intelligence: Average. Asura isn't much of a thinker, hes rather a berserker type of fighter. Skilled fighter with hundreds, if not thousands of years of combat experience.

Standard equipment: None besides his body in which he has the Mantra reactor placed in his chest.

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