Origins: Bastard!!

Classification: Dark elf-human hybrid, wizard

Threat level: Demon

Age: 100+ years

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, and durability, Flight (Type 5), Master swordsman,  Lightning Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Can nullify Magic

Physical strength: Large building+ striking

Destructive capacity: Mountain+ (Raijin-Ken is a mountain buster), at least country with Halloween (slightly more than half as powerful as Black Sabbath which early series performed an at least country+ level feat)

Durability: Likely mountain

Speed: At least supersonic+

Intelligence: High, one of Dark Schneider's Riders of Havoc. Master warrior trained by DS since her infancy in the arts of magic.

Stamina: High. Far above average humans.

Range: Few Dozens of meters to kilometers || Unknown

Weakness: Overpossesive nature to DS || Unknown

Standard equipment: Raijin-Ken (Lightning god sword)

Noteworthy Attacks and Techniques

Def Leppard: creates an opening to another dimension absorb all magical energy, rendering the use of spells and magic based attacks impossible.

Anselm: A spell creating light arrows homing on the target's vital spots. It easily bypasses regular armors.

Ryott: A 2 million volt lightning discharge created from the user's palm.

Dee N' Tear: Summons a tornado restraining the target and cutting it to shreds with high-pressure wind blades.

Sword of the King, Claws of the Eagle: Nei's signature sword strike, it's on par with Gara's Shin Majiken and can easily destroy a building.

Exodus: The spell caster gets surrounded by 20000° flames from the deepest circle of Hell and then use his own body as a weapon by throwing himself towards the target. The heat is so intense it can vaporize stone.

Megadeath: A spell using the opposing forces of air and earth to create a gigantic explosion able to take down large fortresses. It also creates a thunderstorm and an earthquake.

Tesla: The most powerful lightning spell creating a gigantic electric blast falling on the target and obliterating it. When mastered it's easily a hundred meters in width.

Lightning Comet: Nei's most powerful sword strike, it's an attack striking from the air that is said to be as powerful as Tesla.

Halloween: A huge blast of energy shot from the user's palm. The target is submitted to an energy of 10MeV. It can only be used during certain moon phases and lasts for a few seconds but it can easily destroy an army of many millions (though this rule is mostly thrown out the window later on in the story).

  • Young Arshes and Kal Su
  • Arshes and Kal Su after the timeskip