Sacred seven tv1
Origins: Sacred Seven

Classification: Human, Dark stone, Sacred seven

Threat level: Demon-

Physical strength: Town (Has caused city block+ destruction just from tossing around his enemies which are commonly of great size and weight making this even more impressive, can also focus all his power into 1 point to increase the power applied)

Destructive capacity: City block

Durability: Town+

Speed: Hypersonic (During the final battle he was throwing and being thrown around for kilometers length in the span of a few seconds)

Intelligence: Average. Somewhat resourceful in combat such as deciding to focus all his power on a single point to penetrate an otherwise impregnable defense, but thats about it.

Stamina: High. Can resist beatings to a good extent as long as the power of the S7 doesnt run out. Although this issue is likely solved by the end of the series as he no longer requieres a stone to transform.

Standard equipment: His power manifests as an armor with several abilities.