Origins: Kongoh Bancho

Classification: Human-Kongoh (giant humanoid) hybrid

Threat level: God-

Physical strength: Moon (dislodged the earth's core all the way from the surface of the planet just as a side-effect of his fight with his brother)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Moon

Durability: Moon (was taking blows from his brother who had similar strength)

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (by virtue of size, due to his height of 300+ meters he'd look drastically slower to beings the size of regular humans)

Intelligence: High. Shown to be considerably smart and conscious across the series, he has shown that he well knows his bodies capacity and how to use it with insight. He has a considerable amount of battle experience and is a gifted fighter.

Stamina: High. As a Kongoh his body can withstand superhuman ordeals, his body can easily keep fighting even after inhuman amounts of damage or exhaustion. In fact, his healing tends to be on a higher rate than human opponents can usually damage him.

Standard equipment: None, Akira is solely a hand to hand fighter. Although he has shown to be fond of using large objects, like in chapter 1 when his weapon of choice to assault a Yakuza base was a car.

Key: Base || Arakure mode || Rampaging mode || Giant mode

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