Origins: Mahou Shoujo(Puella Magi) Madoka Magica

Classification: Human, Puella magi (magical girl) || Goddess/Devil, Abstract entity

Threat level: Tiger+ || Celestial+

Physical strength: Superhuman, likely large building level striking (competed with Mami Tomoe) || Inmeasurable (is a concept which forms part of reality)

Destructive capacity: Building || At least universe+ (Is at least comparable to Madoka, likely higher. Surprised Kyubei with her power)

Durability: Likely city block+ (Should be near Mami) || At least universe+ (likely higher, she was able to contradict Madoka's power and cause another universal reset)

Speed: At least hypersonic+ (comparable to Mam) || Unknown, omnipresent, can likely also amp herself to be as fast as she needs

Intelligence: Above average. || Nigh omniscient.

Stamina: Very high. A Puella Magi's soul resides in her soul gem, thus the damage to their bodies is of little actual meaning. || Limitless. Shes a concept, she doesnt have stamina.

Standard equipment: Soul Gem, "time machine", guns and grenades kept in her "time machine" || None notable after becoming the devil, she can however just create things if needed.

Key: Puella Magi || Akuma/Devil Homura