Origins: Terra Formars

Classification: Human, Natural B.U.G.S. host (inherited the capacity from his mother), M.O. Operation recipient

Threat level: Tiger-

Physical strength: Building+ (Has the strength of an insect on human scale)

Destructive capacity: Building+

Durability: Large building

Speed: Supersonic (Has the speed of an insect on human scale)

Intelligence: High. A battle genius comparable to the captains of the ANNEX I expedition, fully capable of using his abilities in accordance to his surroundings to get out of situations which where considered hopeless. Examples such as when he alone managed an escape from an army of Terra formars by using his strings to cause a landslide, or when he beat a modified Terra formar on top of a moving vehicle which he had timed to rescue his captain Michelle whom was drowning in a far away lake (tied the amount of rope necessary to pull her up in 2 minutes so she didnt suffocate but still managed to beat her opponent, this while having to calculate the vehicles velocity in correlation to the rope hed need while pressured on time). Also an expert martial artist.

Stamina: High. Can fight swarms of Terra formars (each individually being a threat comparable to himself) for prolonged periods of time and keep on going despite suffering injuries during such ordeals.

Standard equipment: Drug used to activate his B.U.G.S. and M.O. transplants.