Origins: Medaka Box

Alias/Aka: Anshiin'in-san

Classification: Not-equal, God/Goddess

Threat level: Celestial

Physical strength: Unknown, at least multi continent with Pangaea Crusher, likely much higher (has quadrillions of abilities, many of which are obviously meant for close quarter combat)

Destructive capacity: At least star+, likely universe+

Durability: Unknown. (Her various abilities alter her durability. Borderline impossible to keep down without high tier reality warping as she can be wherever she wants, ignore death, conceptual nature, etc.)

Speed: Likely at least hypersonic via scaling, plus she should posses multiple abilities to further herself in this aspect. Nigh omnipresent (can be wherever she wants, and in her verse 1/10th of the Earth's population are part of her)

Intelligence: Super genius, nigh omniscient. Is many times older than the universe itself.

Stamina: Unknown, likely infinite.

Standard equipment: None

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