Origins: Choujin Sensen

Alias/aka: Aisha Hario (real name), "Wire Girl" (codename), Angie (alias in strip club)

Classification: Human assassin, FEE contractor

Threat level: Wolf-

Physical strength: High human

Destructive capacity: Wall

Durability: Peak human

Speed: Peak human

Intelligence: Very high. One of the best assassins in the world, with experience and training since her childhood. Expert at using her surroundings to her advantage, which is what she used to defeat "Fire Girl".

Stamina: High. Received elite military training, was capable to continue fighting with life threatening injuries.

Standard equipment: Different varieties of wires (nano wires, stainless steel wires, tungsten wires, etc.), auto reel, taser (conducted through the wires), fireproof suit, etc.

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