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Origins: Heroic Age

Classification: Heroic tribe Nodoss (alien warrior race)

Threat level: Nova-

Physical strength: Small planet+

Destructive capacity: At least small planet+, likely higher (was stated capable of destroying multiple celestial bodies if a fight with more than 2 Nodoss involved ensued, wielded supernova levels of energy in his berserk form)

Durability: At least planet+, likely higher (survived the destruction of a planet, wielded supernova levels of energy in his Berserk form)

Speed: At least relativistic+, potentially faster than light (hopped on to a starway under his own capacity, a starway is basically time/space rift used to travel across the galaxy at FTL+ speeds)

Intelligence: High. Is a quick learner and a battle genius.

Stamina: Nigh limitless. No upper limit has been shown to his stamina, can fight continuously for months straight.

Standard equipment: None

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