Origins: K (K Project)

Alias/aka: Isana Yashiro, Silver King

Classification: Human, King, Silver clansman

Threat level: Tiger+, Demon via "suicide move"

Physical strength: At least large building+ (casually blocked an aura amped attack from Mikoto Suoh and Reisi Munakata). City+ in a suicide move (Can forcefully push his Weismann level past its limit, which would cause a "Damocles down", which causes an explosion strong enough to take out a city)

Destructive capacity: At least city block+ (The Silver and Gold kings are the highest ranking of the Seven Kings)

Durability: At least city block+ (scales equal or superior to the other kings, immortality makes him hard to kill)

Speed: Supersonic+ (casually reacted to a suprise gun shot, intercepted the attacks of both Mikoto Suoh and Reisi Munakata with ease)

Intelligence: Genius. Once a brilliant scientist, his research discovered the power which gave the Kings their abilities. Holds highest authority amongst the Kings, only the Gold King holding a comparable authority.

Stamina: Very high. Lacks combat showings, but is likely comparable to the other Kings. Furthermore he can ignore wounds up to n extent due to immortality and regeneration.

Standard equipment: Umbrella

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