Origins: RWBY

Classification: Faunus, high leader of the White Fang

Threat level: Demon-, likely higher.

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, manipulation of his Aura for offensive and defensive purposes, skilled swordsman and marksman, regeneration, night vision.

Physical strength: Multi block+ level, likely much higher.

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Multi block+ (disintegrated a large robot, stomped Blake without even trying and casually cut off Yang's arm with one swing of his sword, killed Sienna Khan), likely much higher.

Durability: Multi block+, likely much higher.

Speed: High hypersonic+

Intelligence: High, a highly respected member and current leader of the White Fang organisation.

Stamina: High, far above an average human.

Range: Extended melee range with Wilt, hundreds of meters with Blush and Moonslice.

Weaknesses: Overconfident.

Standard equipment: Wilt and Blush (Chokutō and rifle).