Abe no Seimei

Origins: Nurarihyon no Mago

Classification: Human-Youkai hybrid (half human, half youkai), Hyakki Yakou master (Leader of a night parade of 100 demons), "Nue"

Threat level: Dragon-, God- via his highest Onmyouji techniques (can threaten multiple planets although not actually bust them, and the technique takes a while to complete its objective)

Physical strength: Town (Did a multi city block feat with a simple swipe of a sword)

Destructive capacity: At least city, Life wiper via secret Onmyouji techniques which manipulate the alignment of planets (This could provide up to star level energies, however it isn't swift and isn't a technique fit for combat)

Durability: City

Speed: High hypersonic+ (Could fight both Nura and Hagoromo Gitsune at once, a God tier amongst youkai in all stats)

Intelligence: Very high. Cunning and manipulative, he controlled ancient Japan from the shadows a thousand years ago and set up what was needed for his eventual revival even if it where to take a time as long as a 1000 years later. Knowledgeable in Onmyouji arts more than anyone, creating techniques capable of resurrection, opening/closing hell and manipulation of the position of celestial bodies.

Stamina: Extremely high. Can continue fighting for at least a short while even when receiving wounds that would normally instantly kill a person. Can literally go to Hell and back in his verse without any noteworthy nuisances.

Standard equipment: None notable.