"Nice weather uh? Birds are singing, flowers are blooming.... Perfect weather for a game of catch... You know what we must do. When you are ready, come in the next room"
in-game description of Undyne


Origins: Undertale


A strange light fills the room. Twilight is shining through the barrier. It seems your journey is finally over. You're filled with DETERMINATION

Alias/Aka(also known as): King of the Underground, King Fluffbuns

Classification: King of Monsters, Boss Monster (it's his race)

Threat level: Dragon

Age: Unknown, likely over a millenia

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Data Manipulation, Pyrokinesis, Superhuman Strength, Magical Trident

Physical strength: At least City+ (Strongest monster in the Underground stat-wise, matched only by his wife, Flowey knew he couldn't get past him without help),

Destructive capacity: At least City+ (Is the strongest normal boss in the game in a Neutral run, and among the most damaging despite holding back plenty on you due to reluctance and guilt)

Durability: At least City+ (Undyne could only knock him down while fully bloodlusted, after a lot of training with him)

Speed: At least FTL, likely Higher ( He "defeated" Undyne without landing a single blow, only dodging around, despite being much larger than she. Even after all her training she was able to tag him only once)

Intelligence: Not very bright. Admits his wife was the true brain behind the throne and many characters consider him a lovable oaf. Lack of foresight, bad skills at naming (his own theme is just called ASGORE, for example). He is however a beloved ruler and is aware of how game mechanics work, even knowing about Determination and the SAVE function.

Stamina: High (can outlast Undyne with no effort)

Standard equipment: His Red Trident with whom he can partially interact with your own menu

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