Origins: Dragon Ball

Alias/aka: #17, 17, Lapis (real name)

Classification: (former) human, Android/cyborg

Threat level: Nova- || Celestial-

Physical strength: Small star+ level striking (slightly higher than 18) || Likely universe level striking (Goku admitted 17's punches hurt him and stated that it was 17's power that made him decide to go SSB)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least star (The androids energy control isn't elaborated much on, but it can harm beings stronger than Namek saga Frieza. Slightly higher than 18.) || Likely universe

Durability: At least small star+ || Likely universe (his energy shield even tanked a SSB Kameha meha wave from Goku, although exactlu how much power was output is unknown since both fighters were holding back)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic travel speed, FTL combat wise (Kept up and even overwhelmed fighters faster than Namek saga Frieza. Slightly higher than 18.) || Likely TransUniversal, possibly higher (easily kept up with SSB Goku, although both fighters where holding back)

Intelligence: At least high. An effective fighter despite his small experience in combat. Likely due to being designed to be a super warrior. Due to this its also very likely hes even smarter than shown due to cybernetic enhancements to his mind.

Stamina: Nigh limitless. Doesn't tire naturally, has an unlimited energy supply. Would need to suffer heavy damage for his endurance to actually drop.

Range: At least stellar with Ki blasts otherwise, melee || At least stellar, likely universal

Standard equipment: None

Key: Part 2/Z || Part 3/Super

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